Traducción de chamber music en Español:

chamber music

música de cámara, n.


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    música de cámara femenino
    • During his career Chakaryan has toured the world with the best Bulgarian symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles.
    • The beautiful sense of orchestral chamber music the trio brought to the Largo was memorable.
    • Even in chamber music, Beethoven always found a voice for the monumental statement.
    • Think about how often Mahler himself resorts to chamber music textures in his symphonies: the sounds seem utterly natural most of the time.
    • This is a wonderful original instruments recording of some of Bach's finest chamber music.
    • This program is open to all instruments, vocalists and chamber music ensembles.
    • Compared to his orchestral works, his chamber music has been neglected by record companies.
    • Did this incite you to perform chamber music with musical colleagues?
    • I think the tradition has always been that orchestral music is more public and chamber music is more intimate.
    • In the world of classical music, string quartets fall into a category known as chamber music.
    • The piano music, including the chamber music involving piano, comes from all periods.
    • There are also educational pieces, numerous compositions of chamber music and two concertos.
    • In chamber music, if the violist is sub-standard, you pack up and go home.
    • Mostly chamber music gets recorded, because orchestral music costs more to record.
    • From there, I went into composing film music and also chamber music, something that I do to this day.
    • They play like two musicians doing chamber music, creating something together.
    • I had initially considered violin for its options of orchestral or chamber music.
    • He began to write more abstractly and concentrated on chamber music and works for small ensembles.
    • His compositions comprise mainly chamber music, including string quartets and accompanied keyboard sonatas.
    • Music Network's chamber music triple bill also features some of Europe's hottest classical stars.