Traducción de chamber pot en Español:

chamber pot

orinal, n.


  • 1

    orinal masculino
    bacinica femenino
    escupidera femenino Cono Sur
    • The judge ordered the jury to be locked up overnight without food or drink, or ‘so much as a chamber pot, though desired’.
    • Also the wood chamber pot is replaced by a smaller one.
    • She had a filthy mattress, a chamber pot, the books and crayons from her schoolbag and Dutroux's assorted junk alongside her.
    • The chamber pot is beside the bed (mind your step) and his jug, basin and towel are in the corner.
    • The toilet was inoperable, and there was a chamber pot in the bathroom, making Vivienne feel as if she were in the last century.
    • After a few moments, she heard a soft, unpleasant retching sound and a very human ‘ugh,’ and she hoped that he'd had the sense to aim for the chamber pot.
    • For that, a prisoner would get a bed for the night, a chamber pot and a simple meal such as tinned soup and bangers and mash.
    • Today, you would think demand for the chamber pot had more or less expired, but the truth is quite the opposite. Examples are quite sought after around the antiques fairs, though these days they are put to a very different use.
    • The fact that it has only one bathroom, and two loos, is also a challenge - as is the prospect of a subzero walk from pod to chalet in the middle of the night if nature calls and you don't want to use the chamber pot that sits under your bed.
    • Even the chamber pot under the dressing table glowed alluringly.
    • Underneath the battered grand piano was an unemptied chamber pot.
    • One lady was so annoyed by the noise from late-night revellers that she emptied her chamber pot on them.
    • Piles of garbage and animal dung swarm with flies, and as I watch, a woman leans out of an upper story and dumps out a chamber pot - luckily a good distance away.
    • The conductor doesn't realize he has a chamber pot on his head.
    • At home you used a chamber pot and finally you carried all your waste down the yard in the slop bucket.
    • Wagner wrote the second act of Tristan just around the corner, and Napoleon watched a regatta from a terrace on the Grand Canal a chamber pot's throw away.
    • And thus Druidically robed, bearing my chamber pot before me like some sacramental offering to the Muse, I gingerly descended the ladder to face my morning ablutions and whatever inspiration the new day might bring.
    • Watch out for the chamber pot though as it sits very close to the edge!
    • We'll go use the chamber pot and we'll all go back to sleep.
    • You were just about to use the chamber pot, weren't you, M'Lord?