Traducción de chamois en Español:


gamuza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈʃamwɑː/


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    Zoología gamuza femenino
    • He had taken another road; he would, no doubt, be sitting before the fire, with a dead chamois at his feet.
    • In Masume he sold chamois skins to tanneries and there began his interest in leather.
    • They keep the chamois snug against the crotch to limit movement and irritation.
    • There were chamois and small bears on the avalanche slopes.
    • Feeding mainly on small ungulates - roe deer, chamois and musk deer - lynx are capable of killing prey three to four times their own size, and in some parts of their range, they take large ungulates, including red deer and reindeer.
    • The reserve is home to not only goats, red deer, and boars but also brown bears, chamois, lynx, roe deer, and wolves, as well as numerous eagles and large vultures called lammergeiers.
    • Two important national symbols are the linden tree and the chamois, a European antelope, both of which are abundant throughout the country.
    • Our shrieks and raucous laughter ring out across the empty mountain but there is no-one to disturb apart from the chamois and bouquetin goats.
    • A day spent in its embrace, with only the chamois and the alpine chough for company, is a revelation.
    • Will the Minister also recommend that the Government levy the Department of Conservation for the deer, goats, chamois, thar, and vegetarians that live on the conservation estate; if not, why not?
    • He did research into deer, chamois and pigs, each for a period of ten years.
    • You could have possums, chamois, ferrets, stoats, flopsy bunnykins and even the common cat.
    • The sites are natural bearded vulture habitat: high, rocky cliffs where the birds nest and roost, above open valleys populated with wild grazing animals such as chamois, red deer or ibexes.
    • The noise scared the chamois and drove off golden eagles and other rare birds.
    • The people dine on chamois and boar, aurochs and mutton, bison and walrus.
    • Until then the Alps had been viewed from afar by poets and painters or been used by local people hunting chamois.
    • In high mountainous areas of Europe and the near East, the most important prey animal for hunters is typically a goat, ibex or chamois (in the lower forested areas, it is often a deer).
    • Kangaroos, gazelles, zebras, llamas, Malbrouk monkeys, antelope, and chamois were all to be seen at Malmaison, and the vestibule contained rare tropical birds in large cages.
    • Their digestive tract is adapted to break down fairly large bones such as the femur of the chamois, the small, goatlike antelope of the Alps.
    • A pioneering animal ecologist invited him to join him as a technician engaged in animal research in the Cupola Basin doing identification of plants and their flowering periods and the effect that deer and chamois had on these plants.
  • 2also chamois leather

    gamuza femenino