Traducción de chance en Español:


casualidad, n.

Pronunciación /tʃæns//tʃɑːns/


  • 1

    casualidad femenino
    azar masculino
    (meeting/occurrence) (before noun) casual
    (meeting/occurrence) (before noun) fortuito
    it was pure chance that we met nos encontramos de / por pura casualidad
    • to trust sth to chance dejar algo (librado) al azar
    • to leave nothing to chance no dejar nada (librado) al azar
    • by chance por / de casualidad
  • 2

    riesgo masculino
  • 3

    • 3.1(opportunity)

      oportunidad femenino
      ocasión femenino
      there was no chance to ask questions no hubo oportunidad / ocasión de hacer preguntas
      • I wish I'd had the chance to travel when I was younger ojalá hubiera tenido la oportunidad de viajar cuando era joven
      • the chance didn't arise no surgió / no se dio la oportunidad
      • to jump / leap at the chance aprovechar / no dejar escapar la oportunidad / ocasión
      • the chance of a lifetime una oportunidad única en la vida
      • you always wanted to sing: now's/here's your chance siempre quisiste cantar: esta es tu oportunidad
      • now's my chance esta es mi oportunidad
      • to miss one's chance desperdiciar la ocasión / la oportunidad
      • finished yet? — give me a chance! ¿has acabado ya? — ¡espera un poco!
      • it'll work if you only give it a chance ya verás como funciona si le das tiempo
      • you won't get a second chance no vas a tener otra oportunidad

    • 3.2US (raffle ticket)

      número masculino
      boleto masculino
      to take / buy a chance comprar un número / boleto

  • 4

    posibilidad femenino
    chance femenino América Latina
    he has no chance of escaping no tiene ninguna posibilidad / chance de escapar
    • there's not much chance of winning now no hay muchas posibilidades / probabilidades / chances de ganar
    • there is little chance that he has survived hay pocas posibilidades / probabilidades / chances de que haya sobrevivido
    • there's a slight chance of her remembering podría ser que se acordara
    • your plan hasn't a chance tu plan no tiene ninguna posibilidad
    • the chances are ten to one hay una posibilidad entre diez
    • it's a million-to-one chance or a chance in a million las posibilidades son muy remotas

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to chance it correr el riesgo
    • let's chance it; after all, it may not rain arriesguémonos; después de todo, puede que no llueva
  • 2

    to chance to + inf
    • I just chanced to be passing your office pasaba por tu oficina por casualidad
    • Ann chanced to see them kiss quiso el azar que Ann los viera besándose
    • It had been completely dissected before someone chanced to recognize it.
    • I'm currently enjoying the odd effect of chancing across spoken word excerpts in the original Italian.
    • A lovely gentle soul, Mary was truly one of the ‘old stock’ and she had a warm welcome for all who chanced to visit the family home.
    • The belief is that chancing upon a coin in the heap would usher in good fortune for the coming year.
    • She chanced to glance up, and their eyes met, both smiling quickly.
    • When he was in school, Eldhose chanced to read Dr. Salim Ali's landmark book.
    • So I have converted 60 people to the cause (some of those people may just have chanced across the site by accident - looking up kinky octopuses no doubt).
    • His output roams through jazz, techno, ambient, classical and world music, chancing upon unique hybrids en route.
    • In chancing upon her subject's scrapbooks and photographs, Seymour hit the kind of paydirt of which most biographers can only dream.
    • Here's a tip - the likelihood of your boss wanting to google your name is almost as likely as them chancing across a copy of your book in the bargain bins at Borders.
    • On reaching into my shoulder-bag to locate my wallet my hands chanced to touch the package of shells.
    • Many a time, while searching through a pile of seemingly obscure books, one chances upon a real gem.
    • Leave the long queue for the short one and you get the supermarket assistant chancing across her long-lost sister.
    • Venu chanced to read a poem on the art form by noted poet O.N.V. Kurup while making a documentary on ONV.
    • As from next year, there will be no domestic coverage of Test cricket, so no opportunity for hungover passers-by to accidentally chance upon such a thriller.
    • Jim then finds others before chancing on a military outpost in the north.
    • Following particularly caddish behaviour from the cad of the novel, Tansy embarks on a solo trip around the world, during which she chances upon a number of people, doesn't like any of them, then discovers they're not so very bad after all.
    • A short while ago, I chanced to be in Dallas making a documentary film.
    • His courtship of antique cameras also had lucky breaks like chancing upon photographers closing shop, selling him their equipment at bargain prices and friends and acquaintances also passing him on old cameras.
    • White wondered silently if this man he chanced to meet in the desert were really as well intending as he seemed to be.
    • However, it was not difficult to meet people simply by wandering through the bush and chancing upon scattered huts and houses.
    • She chanced to see the dance there and took to it like fish to water.
    • The deputy chairman of HBOS frequently used to talk about the tedium of looking around on the floor searching for pennies - and the excitement of chancing upon the occasional 50p piece.
    • One of the things I like most is chancing upon a salesman trying desperately to sell an item that no-one, but no-one is stupid enough to want to buy.
    • She was travelling just behind, and chanced to see the youth on the track with bleeding injuries.
    • Stopping by the grocers for a carton of yogurt, I chanced to be behind a small red-haired woman who held up her young son for the clerk's inspection.
    • It lacks the stunning volcano view of their pad in the Philippines, which was completely buried in grey ash by a huge, unforeseen eruption three days after they chanced to vacate it.
    • Till one day when he chanced to visit a town called River City where he met a music teacher who also worked as a librarian.
    • A perfect face for a camera to capture, or so thought one photographer, who for the past decade has been taking pictures of the Montrose netters after chancing upon them while on holiday.
    • Most of those who chanced to hear the broadcast by sheer accident, took down their long forgotten radios and transistor sets, and tuned in to the new station on 105.8 MHz.
    • Nobody I have ever chanced to meet has ever played the cards as well as Evelyn.
    • I chanced to hear about the temple from my uncle.
    • I rather serendipitously chanced onto a career with the National Park Service in 1971 at the Fort Laramie National Historic Site.
    • Swanson took up kiting after chancing on a kite festival as he drove through Lauder a decade ago.
    • No dwellings of any sort where someone might chance to see how she met her end.
    • The answer had become clear to Eaton last night, when he had chanced upon Clara comforting Will after Rebecca's accident.
    • Until the other day when I chanced to be reading an Internet message board, I never realized something very silly about it.
    • One night he began to speak about the great warrior god who lived on the moon, and as he spoke, the girl chanced to look up in the sky.
    • Maybe in all of his handling of it, he'd finally chanced to accidentally turn it on.
    • The scene they were filming in King Street saw Ian, who plays Billy Connolly's butler in the movie, chancing upon Garfield in a London street (rather like in the film Elizabeth, York is pretending to be London).