Traducción de character witness en Español:

character witness

testigo de buena conducta, n.


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    testigo de buena conducta femenino
    • He testified as a character witness at Thursday's sentencing hearing.
    • With all the evidence against him and only a handful of character witnesses his lawyers say he has little chance of acquittal.
    • There was no shortage of character witnesses willing to attest to their integrity.
    • And I for one will act as character witness at their defence trial on behalf of all decent caring people.
    • Sometimes they hear from character witnesses, like the defendant's schoolteachers, who will describe if he or she seemed immature or prone to taking risks.
    • She added said: ‘The police were helpful but said the only way we could sort it out was with a character witness.’
    • Evidence from three character witnesses had spoken in glowing terms about his total dedication to his work.
    • Even with a guilty plea the defendant was allowed to bring in character witnesses.
    • I would serve as a character witness for him any day.
    • Alex also told me that I may be called as some form of character witness.
    • Next up to the witness stand is a series of character witnesses who speak on behalf of Philip.
    • The defence produced only two character witnesses.
    • A string of character witnesses described him in court as a ‘gentleman’.
    • ‘We felt it countered his three character witnesses because he said he was personally evasive in dealing with the police,’ Keys added.
    • Through all the years we've known each either, I'd have been happy to act as a character witness for any of them.
    • Later, at a hearing to determine whether Lewis should be released on bond, Woodson spoke as a character witness.
    • Throughout his trial, numerous scientists and religious leaders sent letters of support or acted as character witnesses.
    • Judge Fraser heard several days of submissions in late June at a sentencing hearing where several character witnesses testified on behalf of the convicted policeman.
    • If they asked you to be a character witness, would you appear?
    • Among the errors it is claimed he made are that he failed to call character witnesses or expert witnesses.