Traducción de charity en Español:


organización benéfica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɛrədi//ˈtʃarɪti/

nombrePlural charities

  • 1

    • 1.1(organization)

      organización benéfica femenino
      organización de beneficencia femenino
      obra benéfica femenino
      this isn't a charity, you know! oye, que esto no es una institución de beneficencia / no es la beneficencia
      • More than 50 people responded to the rallying cry of a leading first aid charity to help support its increasing number of services.
      • A leading veterinary charity is calling for volunteers to come forward in Swindon to help pets in need.
      • He now appears at pubs and clubs across Europe and raises money for cancer charities.
      • The charity believes helping children with their emotional problems has wider benefits for their schools and classmates.
      • The charity also needs volunteers and furniture, clothes and food.
      • The four year study was based in two inner London boroughs and delivered through a local voluntary sector charity.
      • Without your support, the services that charities provide could come to an end.
      • She chose Sierra Leone from four options offered her by aid charity Voluntary Service Overseas.
      • The charity is run by volunteers who help out year after year for the three months the shop opens.
      • This charity is a totally voluntary one without any government support.
      • She made all the right moves, going to college to get qualifications and then taking a voluntary job with local charity Signpost to ease herself back into employment.
      • In the meantime he is a volunteer at the Manchester-based charity George House Trust.
      • The charity totally relies on voluntary donations.
      • The charity desperately needs volunteers who would be willing to spend even one hour a week just talking to lonely older people, he says.
      • Unlike in England, no firm in the private sector or millionaire-funded charity is permitted to run a school.
      • A charity is appealing for volunteers to open up their homes to young homeless people.
      • The charity asks its volunteers for only one hour a week.
      • The branch also raises money for local charities and at one stage put on shows for the local community.
      • The charity is looking for volunteers with financial, management and business skills, as well as doctors, nurses and teachers.
      • A relationship support charity urgently needs volunteer evening receptionists to work in an East Lancashire office.

    • 1.2(relief)

      obras de beneficencia femenino
      (work) (before noun) de beneficencia
      (work) (before noun) benéfico
      (dinner/premiere) benéfico
      (dinner/premiere) de beneficencia
      (premiere/dinner) con fines benéficos
      to raise money for charity recaudar dinero para un fin benéfico
      • to work for charity trabajar para una organización benéfica
      • to live on charity vivir de limosnas / de la caridad
      • we don't want charity no queremos limosna
      • charity appeal cuestación para obras benéficas
      • a charity performance un beneficio
      • charity run carrera con fines benéficos
      • charity worker trabajador de la beneficencia
      • Without private charity, God knows what would have become of them.
      • However, Roosevelt never mentioned it in his radio address, which turned out to be a short speech devoted to the importance of private charity.
      • Why can't they operate more like businesses, only with a social purpose, rather than organisations solely dependent on charity?
      • In fact, the person that's sick needs our Christian charity and love and support.
      • The cuts would also unreasonably increase demands on private charity.
      • The routine at Victoria Park recognised a basic need - that though one was living on charity it was still necessary for most people to make themselves useful in the community.
      • But a company cannot function on the basis of charity and kindness.
      • Moreover, state charity would shatter the voluntary relationship between giver and receiver without putting another social context in its place.
      • I never expected I'd end up living on charity.
      • Giving of private charity obviously has a ‘feel good’ factor to it.
      • Those who cannot perform work are left to private charity, which often means begging.
      • Lepers were separated in leper hospitals built with private charity because people were afraid of defilement.
      • I do not ask people for donations or expect charity as I think I should be responsible and work.
      • They recommended private charity as a way to alleviate the sufferings of those who could not work.
      • They fear leaving because they will be at the mercy of charity and be transformed into outcasts in their communities.
      • With no money and hand-me-down charity, they still manage to look 100 times more chic and svelte than the rest of us.
      • Neither private charity nor insurance will cover more than a fraction of the immense costs involved in reconstruction.

  • 2

    (generosity, kindness)
    caridad femenino
    amor al prójimo masculino
    • The main reason why Archer can afford to look on the success of his old bandmates with such charity and indeed pride is the fact he has just released his latest solo album Flood the Tanks.
    • Of course, generosity, pity, charity, benevolence, or compassion may lead them to do more.
    • As a result, he is punished with terrible visions of how his daughter's future might have been, learning that human despair is not to be judged and that charity should be given to all.
    • He soon became known as a man of profound faith who emphasized charity, humility, and above all, the hard labor necessary to feed one's family.
    • Mother Teresa throughout all her life manifested the virtues of a genuinely liberated person: Faith, hope, courage, charity.
    • Most of the team of school children presented their item woven around a particular theme, ranging from patriotism and love to kindness and charity.
    • He represents the best things in life - hope, faith, goodness, charity, kindness and love.
    • I hunger to see Christian charity and understanding given toward other religions.
    • How will children learn about the practice of friendship and the importance of Christian charity if they do not learn in their early years?
    • This alert mother was leading her son in the practice of Christian charity.
    • And I was stunned by the outpouring of charity and goodwill.
    • We think Chuckie would be welcome in a holy place because his gentle nature represented charity and compassion.
    • The fuel to sustain such commitment is in our theology and Christ's examples of charity and justice.
    • The pity he commands is closely akin to the forgiveness of Christian charity.
    • She was very well known for her kindness and charity and, at her home, there was always someone calling in for tea and a chat.
    • Using a pastoral approach, Watson calls his readers to respond with Christian charity and love.
    • Apparently, the principal didn't share the feeling of charity and imposed the expulsion.
    • He quickly discovered that Sutasoma was authentic, that he was utterly sincere in his fearless commitment to charity, truth and compassion for the benefit of all.
    • His actions could well have Christian charity as their motive, but they do not, which has been noticed by a few discerning critics.
    • Saints must have lived an exemplary life, displaying the virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice, as well as showing faith, hope and charity.