Traducción de cheapo en Español:


ordinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃipoʊ//ˈtʃiːpəʊ/



  • 1

    • So Nicky gets married in a cheapo chapel in Vegas.
    • She made me buy her some purple hair dye, and a selection of cheapie drinks for the party.
    • For Americans with a taste for overseas destinations, cheapie off-season flights to Europe and bargain hotels often seem like the easiest and most obvious way to go.
    • Unfortunately, while the Garden Bakery maintains its place in my dining pantheon, the restaurant half of the business is absolutely no threat to every rocker's favorite cheapo Chinese haunt.
    • Culled from a slag heap of cable-access shows, cheapo action movies, inane sitcoms and tabloid news shows, these images are unfit for human consumption.
    • We arrive at the ferry terminal five hours early, go straight to the check-in and they change my original, late night, cheapo booking to one for the next ferry at no extra charge.
    • One can assume that funds weren't available in this cheapie production to even properly stage a murder sequence, so somehow a strobing red light onscreen signifies when a killing has occurred.
    • Nobody paid attention when he rode his ancient, cheapo mountain bike, but as soon as he got the new one, every guy on the block had to have a bike, too.
    • I also bought some cheapo keychains that had little lights in them.
    • Forget those sickly vanillin cheapo Riojas - this is class in a glass and drinks well now.
    • We forgot to mention how available their cartoons are if you want to cruise by the cheapo DVD displays at some department stores.
    • I don't want to just get some old cheapie school backpack a) because they fall apart too fast and b) because they have no style.
    • It was the cheapo model with cloth seats, and we saved a further three pounds and ten shillings hand painting the registration numbers ourselves.
    • If you buy cheapo skates, your skating experience will suck.
    • Anyway, the central heating passed its test and so I'm heading out to buy a digital camera, despite my rather fond feelings for my current, cheapo version.
    • But if all else fails, you can now publish it yourself, in any one of a dozen formats from cheapo ebook to relatively expensive hardback.
    • No more brown and white tiles or horrendous cheapo panelling, please.
    • It's an eyesore and looks like a dog's dinner of cheapo construction.
    • I still have most of it today - the muddle of contrasting strands of tinsel, cheapo lights, silly looking plastic icicles and homemade snowflakes, and yes, I still put them up every year - height clearance permitting.
    • As to mobiles, I have a three-year-old cheapo pay-as-you-go that doesn't take pictures or show videos, which, I realise, makes me hideously unfashionable.