Traducción de checkmate en Español:


mate, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɛkmeɪt//ˈtʃɛkˌmeɪt/


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    mate masculino
    jaque mate masculino
    • But neither player could deliver checkmate, so a draw was agreed on move 49.
    • I got his queen, then he got mine, so I got a pawn to his side and got him in checkmate.
    • The author next introduces the concept of checkmate, which is, after all, what one seeks to achieve in the game.
    • This is a fun book that will help many players, either as a basic starting point in the study of checkmate tactics or as a refresher.
    • A dream of every chess player is to win the game with a quick checkmate.
    • Resignation occurs in the vast majority of tournament games, while actual checkmates are quite rare.
    • This could be a checkmate if it weren't for Floyd's knight in the way.
    • Throwing in the proverbial towel is, however, not an option according to the rules of this particular contest, which state that the game can only end with checkmate or stalemate.
    • Yet in spite of the significance of these developments we should remember the main objective in chess - checkmate ends the game.
    • For example, it is not possible to force a checkmate with a king and two knights against a lone king.
    • I couldn't take it with the king or I would be moving into checkmate.
    • Can I now just force checkmate with a sequence of checks?
    • After that, Leon would be able to put him into a checkmate.
    • If you know what you're doing, and keep at it long enough, you'll eventually achieve a checkmate.
    • To move her bishop to strike his knight would leave the king open on two sides without escape, a checkmate.
    • This seemed logical enough since it allowed easy development and also allowed me to aim for the four-move checkmate!
    • He was fresh out of ideas, and his next move could be checkmate.
    • The King is very close to the corner of the board and Black threatens checkmate in two!
    • A final blow, White now threatens checkmate in one move and Black is lost by force.
    • Baker's whole game plan seems to be based on checkmate.

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    darle (jaque) mate a
    • Once Matt checkmated him, and twice Rick stalemated him.
    • Ray knew as well as Leon did that there wasn't a single move that Chris could make that wouldn't give Leon an opportunity to checkmate him.
    • Leaning forward to his opponent he moves all pieces from both sides around the board until he has finally checkmated his way to victory.
    • The times your own pieces have been blocked by the knights and bishops you seem bent on protecting, leaving me free to checkmate you, are uncountable.
    • I can just keep on checking you, forcing you to move where I want you to before I bring down my other pieces and checkmate.
    • But taking the knight left my rook a wide open path to move across the board and checkmate your king.
    • The answer to the puzzle hinges on a chess problem Oliver Garland counts on his son to solve, wherein black can checkmate white in two moves or less.
    • ‘It looks like checkmate to me,’ Dravis commented.
    • After he checkmated her the second time, she sighed and sat back after knocking her king over.
    • But that day things went in our favour and Humpy checkmated her opponent.
    • I was checkmated on move 27; Mr. Kasparov had moved on to examine the position on the board to my left before I'd even realized that the game was over.
    • Surprisingly enough I even managed to checkmate the computer, though I think I had some help from my companion.
    • It is a rule of chess that we win the game by checkmating the king.
    • Black is seated across from you and makes one move, and you are checkmated.
    • As a consequence, it is theoretically possible to play a perfect game of chess - that is, both players could always work out the exact sequence of optimum moves, right through to checkmate.
    • Good Chess players rarely play a game to checkmate: they resign when it becomes clear they cannot win in other words, when the game has ceased to be dramatic.
    • I had one middle-aged student who stubbornly refused to castle, saying that his King would be trapped in the corner and checkmated.
    • The object of the game is to checkmate your opponent's king.