Traducción de cheerio en Español:


adiós, interj.

Pronunciación /ˌtʃɪriˈoʊ//tʃɪərɪˈəʊ/



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    hasta luego
    chao América Latina coloquial
    chau América Latina coloquial
    • Two words it definitely did understand were cheerio and goodbye.
    • And a few seconds before bidding cheerio, a friendly requisition is placed - your contact number, please.
    • As was normal on such occasions we repaired to a hostelry on Burgh Quay to unwind and to say cheerio before we went our separate ways.
    • If I don't get back here tomorrow to say cheerio, it could be another two weeks before I'm back.
    • David is asleep on the settee and my toasted cheese is about ready so cheerio!
    • If you're not on that list, you can say cheerio.
    • I said cheerio to them last week, but it was nice to be able to comeback and say goodbye to the other members of staff around the club.
    • I'm Natasha Mitchell, and cheerio from me until we coincide next week.
    • I was unaware of the comments until this morning obviously - I haven't anything to say - but I would assume that he would come back and say cheerio to the players at least.
    • Without knowing what his redeeming features are, let us just say that your life will be better if you bid him cheerio.
    • I always feel we come to say cheerio rather than to pay our respects.
    • When they called and said there wouldn't be time, I said fine, super, brilliant, cheerio, and hung up.
    • ‘Okay, see ya later, cheerio,’ she replied and hung up.
  • 2anticuado

    (drinking toast)
    • A big cheerio to Bill, who's not been in the best of health of late.