Traducción de cheery en Español:


de felicidad, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɪri//ˈtʃɪəri/

adjetivocheerier, cheeriest

  • 1

    (smile) de felicidad
    (smile) alegre
    (greeting) lleno de alegría
    (manner) risueño y optimista
    • Busy fraudsters spend their days sending out hundreds of cheery messages in the hope of conning people out of cash.
    • He loves the wilds of Upper Wharfedale, where the locals always greet him and his crew with a cheery wave and a smile.
    • I stay at a youth hostel painted in cheery primary colours and with a roof angled as severely as any Swiss chalet.
    • Isn't it funny how something intended to be cheery can in fact be so perversely irritating?
    • Soft music would now be heard on the background, and happy and cheery voices as well.
    • I sat and waited, listening to cheery early morning conversation from the staff on the other side of the blind.
    • The day had dawned bright and cheery, and even now, a summer sun warmed up the blue sky.
    • He and his cheery smile and kind nature will be missed by so many people in Otley
    • He has a wonderfully cheery disposition and is very popular with his friends in his local school.
    • A visit and a cheery chat with someone will bring in life and sunshine and make a bleak day pass quickly.
    • She said that she knew all the children and their parents well and each one said a cheery good-morning as they passed by.
    • She painted on a smile and a cheery disposition and let the world think she was okay.
    • They are cheery in tone, full of encouragement, bright ideas and suggestions as to how to get your kid to eat liver.
    • The clerks can be extra cheery, since the end of the shift is right around the corner.
    • He is always ready with a cheery smile and wave, and is famous for sheltering passengers with his own umbrella.
    • So I headed off with a cheery smile at having escaped from the maze of never ending aisles.
    • It was a cheery, chatty atmosphere tempered with solemnity at each and every shrine where offerings were made.
    • It's true that the atmosphere back in the office when I got back wasn't quite as cheery as the one when I left.
    • I'm trying to keep a cheery face on and make things as happy as possible.
    • He had been in declining health for sometime, yet maintained a cheery disposition to the end.