Traducción de cherubic en Español:


angelical, adj.

Pronunciación /tʃɪˈruːbɪk//tʃəˈrubɪk/


  • 1

    (face/smile/child) angelical
    • She was a plump middle aged woman with a cherubic face and an incurable knack for gossip.
    • Some politicians may well have a cherubic grin and a Churchillian girth, yet they seem to refuse to follow one of the great Prime Minister's maxims.
    • Only one woman with tight curls and a cherubic face ever responded.
    • This seems odd in light of the fairly cherubic qualities of your work.
    • His cherubic deep brown eyes confirmed all this and the deal was sealed by a resounding hand-slap.
    • My cherubic demeanour lasted about 45 minutes.
    • The woman, who was young, and had a cherubic face, and long, red, loose curls, joined us.
    • It takes much more than cherubic cheeks, a bright red suit and a weight problem to be Santa these days.
    • A chubby cherubic child used to be the apple of parents' eyes.
    • Back then, it was us against the world, our cherubic innocent faces blissfully wiped clear of reality.
    • Suddenly, that cherubic, sweet girl everyone idolized is demonized.
    • They were newsreaders, gold-medal winners and cherubic child singers.
    • The day's troubles seemed to waste away as Laurel looked down at her brother's innocent, cherubic blue eyes and pale blonde hair.
    • She had bright green eyes that looked like the leaves on the trees at spring and her lips were cherubic and plump.
    • Giles widened his eyes innocently, keeping his voice sweet and cherubic as he sang the very slightly altered lyrics.
    • The most obvious course for a politician tipped for greatness, yet hampered by a cherubic countenance and a light voice, would be to gain a reputation for solidity.
    • But I gave her hope that I'd come back on my way to the car and purchase some cookies from her cherubic little self.
    • I cried, watching my beloved offspring happily working side by side like carefree, cherubic children from the days of yore.
    • And then, one day, you discover that those cherubic, goofy child stars have grown up.
    • He arrived in central lobby at one, on the dot, twinkling and cherubic, and amazingly upright and steady.