Traducción de chicanery en Español:


argucia, n.

Pronunciación /ʃəˈkeɪn(ə)ri//ʃɪˈkeɪnəri/



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    argucia femenino
    • If this report is true, it is an insult to the intelligence of Irish farmers and smacks of the worst kind of political and bureaucratic chicanery.
    • His sky-rocket ascent was almost certainly powered by bribery, manipulation, and other chicanery.
    • In reality, it is the outcome of the growing national opposition faced by the occupying forces, which no amount of chicanery will forestall.
    • This fiscal chicanery is part of a larger pattern.
    • Set aside the usual circus ring tricks of political chicanery.
    • In the last few months, we've found that chicanery sometimes extends to companies' nutrition information.
    • The remark was not brought on by some thieving or chicanery on my part, but rather by a political speech I'd made which this person didn't like.
    • The social stigma of losing necessitated strategy, even chicanery.
    • So there you have it, it's another case of British achievement being brought down by foreign chicanery.
    • But all these examples are nothing more than political chicanery.
    • What do the Austrians have to say about all this chicanery?
    • The managers hope that, through chicanery and fraud, they could save the dollar from sudden death.
    • Apparently he considered adultery a lesser crime than financial chicanery, and by pleading the one, he avoided the other.
    • Lies, fraud, chicanery and self indulgence are endemic in society today - or am I being presumptuous?
    • If this were to actually come to pass, it could open the door to all sorts of chicanery.
    • Again, such chicanery is only possible in the human world.
    • I wonder if he will allow this bit of chicanery to stand.
    • Computer experts at respected universities have sounded the alarm over the potential for high-tech chicanery.
    • They are matter-of-factly attempting to snatch the youngsters from us by chicanery.
    • Unfortunately, confusion about the Earned Income Tax Credit has created opportunities for chicanery.