Traducción de chick flick en español:

chick flick

película para mujeres, n.


  • 1coloquial

    película para mujeres femenino
    • However, guys, if the little lady is intent on catching a chick flick, you could do a lot worse.
    • At the end of the movie, a typical chick flick, the guy asked the girl to marry him.
    • The picture could have been a scene right out of a chick flick.
    • Yes, if you want to get technical, this is a chick flick.
    • It's a chick flick that your average home theater nerd isn't going to bother with.
    • You'll never stumble across a movie that is a better example of a chick flick.
    • Of course, I didn't tell him it was a chick flick.
    • With its blend of floaty dresses, verbal warfare, near tragedy, comedy and romance, this is the ultimate chick flick and doubtless there will be many more versions of it to come.
    • Josh even promised that if they went to a chick flick, he wouldn't make comments about how stupid the characters acted.
    • Yes, it was indeed a Hollywood chick flick in the making.
    • ‘This film definitely isn't just a chick flick,’ the actor points out.
    • He felt like one of those idiots in a chick flick mooning over the movie's lead.
    • I figured maybe a chick flick would cheer you up after your encounter with Conner today,
    • We watched a comedy, which was a good compromise for a chick flick and a manly man movie.
    • Not many guys stayed up till the end of the movie since it was a chick flick.
    • A very attractive woman can always help smooth over the seemingly endless supply of minutes in a chick flick.
    • I told him I was surprised that Amy wanted to see an action movie rather than a chick flick, and he smiled.
    • Its one of those films that works great both as a guy flick and a chick flick, which is pretty rare.
    • I would call this more of a date movie than a chick flick, and its charm won me over.
    • Here is a movie that looks like a chick flick and smells like a chick flick, but turned out to be a fun romp with more than a few nifty action sequences.