Traducción de childlike en Español:


ingenuo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃaɪl(d)laɪk//ˈtʃʌɪl(d)lʌɪk/


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    (trust/innocence/simplicity) ingenuo
    (simplicity/trust/innocence) de niño
    • You have a childlike and innocent quality, which is endearing in meaningful relationships.
    • The man comes across as childlike and innocent, but also as his own biggest fan.
    • So all three of us had childlike excitement about the whole thing.
    • He was a man without guile with a childlike spirit and spirituality, a gentle man.
    • Many adults these days do not seem at all bothered by the idea of seeming childlike - they even revel in it.
    • Their childlike joy in leaving is probably a reflection of your own joy at your recovery.
    • Above all, the series has a gorgeous childlike quality and is entirely voiced by children.
    • The best grown-up ideas come from being silly, from dreaming, from being a childlike adult.
    • Our biggest strength was the ability to do mad stuff spontaneously, in an almost childlike way.
    • You still have that glow of childlike curiosity with the hint of adult wisdom you always had.
    • I observed a childlike wonder in his eyes and playful laughter as he enjoyed his music.
    • A gleeful, childlike look overcame her face and she bounded off towards the vending machine.
    • While the movie has an obviously childlike feel, it's difficult to be sure of its intended audience.
    • Sometimes, a songwriter's quest to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary has a childlike aspect to it.
    • There is a childlike quality about him, as if the years caught up with him only by accident.
    • His prattling was childlike and innocent, as if he were only five years old.
    • She was frail and her childlike appearance made her innocence all the more apparent.
    • It's a word he uses a lot in his almost childlike rediscovery of happiness and contentment.
    • Now in his seventies, he came across as a fairly childlike character - driven by his curiosity.
    • His voice had suddenly taken on a childlike quality as he began talking quick and excitedly.