Traducción de chimney stack en Español:

chimney stack

fuste, n.


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    fuste masculino
    • My study also faces west, and from the window, I have an abbreviated view of the sunset - parenthesised between a tall chimney stack and a tree.
    • Now the authority has announced it will carry out emergency work on the Grade II listed building in St Thomas Street to remove a chimney stack on safety grounds.
    • Peter Conn climbed in with another policeman, and after some minutes of futile arguing was swung to the next chimney stack along, where they scrambled out, and then edged their way round.
    • The next time he is clinging precariously to his own chimney stack, I will dress up as a clown and leap out behind him shouting ‘bang!’
    • At Hull freak winds sent a chimney stack crashing through a roof of a house into a bedroom where a 16-year-old girl was sleeping.
    • A builder had warned her the chimney stack was unsafe.
    • Fortunately it wasn't a burglar after my £20 stereo (I couldn't give that away), but was in fact a scaffolding team with designs on my dodgy chimney stack.
    • High on the old chimney stack of the barn sit the white doves.
    • Firefighters from Marlborough, Swindon and Ramsbury dealt with the fire using a hydraulic platform to remove part of a chimney stack that was damaged by the intense heat.
    • He later told them he had replaced 70 roof tiles and had re-pointed the chimney stack.
    • The ballot papers are burned in an old stove in the Sistine Chapel, and the smoke emerges from a chimney stack observable from St Peter's Square.
    • He winced, in his Cheerful Builder-like fashion, and started to mix up some cement-stuff to cover the cracks in the chimney stack.
    • Residents feel the chimney stack should be made much higher than it is to solve the problems.
    • The accident came just days after a woman was hit by falling masonry when a chimney stack toppled into the street and flattened the roof of an empty 4x4 vehicle.
    • A chimney stack had recently collapsed, despite being propped up, and the building's condition was steadily getting worse.
    • ‘You might be able to tell what kind of a house this picture is taken in by the size of the chimney stack,’ she said.
    • There was widespread but mainly minor structural damage to properties in exposed places, including a chimney stack which came crashing down from a house in Marsh House Road, Ecclesfield.
    • Part of Selby town centre was cordoned off when the gable end of a shop was struck by lightning, leaving a chimney stack poised precariously over a busy shopping street.
    • They discovered he was dealing with two builders who had offered to repair a ridge tile for £5 and then agreed to repoint the chimney stack for £400.
    • But a check on their gas boiler revealed a brick had fallen down the chimney stack and was blocking the boiler's outlet.