Traducción de chinless en Español:


timorato, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɪnlɪs//ˈtʃɪnləs/



  • 1

    • These were the latter days of John's government, when cabinet ministers and their chinless aides felt power ebbing away from them.
    • This chinless mouth-breather wants to make a movie about a man who becomes friends with a liberated lab monkey.
    • Or was it the annoying chinless gang who occupied the seats in front of the telly (men facing it, women underneath it, of course), bringing their toddler children to run about the pub?
    • Cricket is meant to be played on a perfect summer's day in front of a pavilion full of retired, chinless old inbreeds.
    • It seems only fair that if the foxes can be hunted by a load of chinless, inbred yahoos with roughly the same IQ as them, they should be allowed to fight back.
    • Funny that, because much as I love the Union, it's hampered by its chinless clientele, and its live music doesn't always go down a treat.
    • REVILED as a chinless, wingless, humourless, smug English twit, Alf was, in fact, the perfect ambassador for his country, Little England.
    • One is the classic chinless milquetoast, the other a small coffee-colored woman with eyes both suspicious and bored.
    • Confounding my prejudices, they are not the chinless blue-bloods I expected.