Traducción de choc-ice en Español:


bombón helado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɒk ʌɪs//ˈtʃɔk ˌaɪs/



  • 1

    bombón helado masculino
    • Half-time - for the rest of us it meant choc ices, flasks of tea, sandwiches, time to draw breath, stretch the legs, talk to our Dublin neighbours again.
    • But the fact that a show was intended to be watched while sipping a pot of tea seems no longer to debar it from the status of entertainment to be enjoyed while chomping choc ices.
    • There was supposed to be triple choc ice cream for pud but I forgot about it!
    • He was seven, sleeping after a family picnic of dressed crabs and choc ices.
    • In Ireland, at least, they have the honour - or dishonour - of serving as the names of a selection of choc ices on TV's ‘Magnum ‘ad.’
    • So the next time you are tempted to even look at the latest, greatest, insert-your-own-fantastical-claim-here, Bikini Diet, think Ursula, kick it into the bin and have a choc ice instead.
    • In our pyjamas we'd sit around her highly-polished dining room table devouring her unsurpassable steak and kidney casserole served over floury boiled potatoes, always with choc ices for pudding.
    • Big deal, as they'll probably last as long in Europe as a choc ice in a microwave.
    • And after promising Mia an ice cream, we discovered they didn't do tot-friendly scoops of vanilla so we ended up mashing a choc ice into a cardboard soup dish.