Traducción de choleric en Español:


colérico, adj.

Pronunciación /kəˈlɛrɪk//ˈkɑlərɪk//ˈkɒlərɪk/



  • 1

    • The negative side came about largely through his personality which is described as ‘occasionally choleric, quarrelsome, and given to invectives.’
    • While Ralph was the choleric loser, Ed was the lucky buffoon.
    • Even Maureen, who generally treats her choleric partner with girlish forbearance, at one point asks: ‘Why do you always shout like that, Rolf?’
    • Indeed, the political system accommodated the interests and choleric attitudes of both men with little difficulty.
    • In Churchill's darkest hour, the future PM is reduced to a choleric, drunken, melancholic old man, reviled and mocked as a warmonger by the Establishment and the British public alike.