Traducción de chopper en Español:


hacha pequeña, n.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃɒpə//ˈtʃɑpər/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) hacha pequeña femenino
    • Quality underpinners, choppers and saws are available secondhand at reasonable prices for framers who do their homework.
    • The word is also often applied to a fire engine, equipped with a number of burly men wielding choppers.
    • It was then that I saw the crowd of women running up with sickles and choppers, shouting slogans.
    • There are hammerstones, cores, and flakes associated with the manufacturing of Oldowan assemblages, as well as choppers and scrapers.
    • The stone tools found with the hominid remains at Dmanisi, however, are simple choppers and scrapers similar to the Oldowan set found in the Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.
    • The victim, 17, was walking with a friend to a shop in Verdant Lane, Catford, when he was attacked by a gang of youths armed with the wood chopper and a wheel brace, the Old Bailey heard on March 16.
    • They could make simple stone axes and choppers, and had brains about two-thirds the size of ours.
  • 2coloquial

    helicóptero masculino
    • Great North Air Ambulance paramedic John Kerr said that although conditions on the helicopter were cramped, the chopper's small size meant that it could land on a piece of ground the size of a tennis court.
    • And then, at daybreak also, choppers and fixed-wing aircraft were out here, an armada of them, dumping thousands upon thousands of gallons of water on the hot spots and on the flames.
    • The company's fleet of 13 airplanes and helicopters is down to two planes and one chopper.
    • The chopper rolled over the top of the aircraft, gushing fuel and fire as it tumbled.
    • Smoke was seen rising from the wreckage of the Black Hawk helicopter, and other US choppers were seen hovering nearby.
    • They also had help from choppers, bombers, other supporting elements of the 10th Mountain Division and small groups of Special Forces operatives.
    • These choppers intercept several aircraft a week that have entered the no-fly zone.
    • After a half-day's delay, the choppers returned to Kulis.
    • But it has had its tranquility shattered over the past few days, with the front lawn being converted into a helipad for the choppers ferrying staff to and from the stricken freighter.
    • The US recently stepped up its relief efforts, sending in 11 more Chinook helicopters to join the 17 US choppers already flying missions into the quake zone.
    • Kitted out with the latest medical equipment and staffed with paramedics, the chopper's small size allows it to land on a piece of ground the size of a tennis court.
    • The capacity of some of the RAF's choppers would reduce the number of flights necessary to complete the work, leaving everybody better off.
    • The 47s picked up patients from the choppers and rushed them to full-fledged hospitals in Japan.
    • The choppers, eight total, left the Nimitz and were supposed to fly formation, low level, to the meet area.
    • The two choppers from the Alaska Air National Guard's 210th Rescue Squadron climbed carefully over the layers of Mount McKinley's clouds while skirting the glacier.
    • Three of the helicopters had seen service as air-sea rescue choppers, the Alouette, the Dauphin and the current Sikorsky S61.
    • About thirty minutes later the chopper landed in the helipad.
    • ‘When I got to Canberra and started flying choppers, I played but it was a once in a while,’ he says.
    • Like the other three Coastguard helicopters, the Sligo chopper is equipped with all the latest search and navigational equipment and has an automatic hover capability.
    • Several Ranger and Delta elements of the attack force immediately secured the area around the chopper.
  • 3EEUU coloquial

    moto femenino
    • The father-of-three was fascinated by choppers, the low seated motorcycles made famous in the film Easy Rider, since being a teenager.
    • The games, to be published under the Activision Value Brand, will draw inspiration from the show's depiction of a father and son who build chopper motorcycles in their garage.
    • Wall to wall choppers is not something that I really want to get into - I am happy with my ‘Raleigh Roadster’.
    • Even the heavy accent on chrome plating which is so characteristic of genuine choppers is absent in the Indian versions.
    • I also wonder why the police don't take a little more interest in the crazy foreigners who rent the huge chopper style motorcycles and who use the road as a drag strip.
    • I have four dirt bikes, a ' 93 Harley-Davidson Low Rider and an ' 03 custom chopper.
    • He wrote Shadowmancer in six months - but thinking no publisher would touch it he sold his 1000 cc chopper motorcycle to self-publish last October.
    • Huge sales of traditional games and toys - even chopper bikes - suggest a backlash against computer games and high-tech toys.
    • "The Chopper bike has got universal appeal and I think it will be very popular.
    • The 1970s detail is quite particular: a chopper bike, space hopper and the piercing tunelessness of the daughter's descant recorder are all thrown into the rowing family's maelstrom.
    • Quite a few of them would have dreamed about sinking into the low saddle of a Harley Davidson chopper and thundering off with the feet resting up front and the hands on high handlebars.
    • Paris not only lives in a spotless Beverly Hills mansion; she also has her own bright pink Chopper bike.
    • There were representatives from a wide variety of motorcycle organizations, as well as a fine collection of custom choppers.
  • 4Britanico malsonante

    verga femenino vulgar slang
    pija femenino Río de la Plata vulgar slang
    picha femenino España vulgar slang
    pico masculino Chile vulgar slang
  • 5choppers plural

    dientes postizos masculino
    comedor masculino coloquial humorístico
    • If the meth user neglects his dental hygiene, as many reportedly do, it's goodbye choppers, hello dentures.
    • Kids have fewer stains on their choppers, and those under 12 should ask a dentist before whitening.
    • As an added bonus, embracing this look is almost guaranteed to lead to thoughts of rugged, chisel-jawed types with big choppers.
    • The Sonicare cleans your choppers with sound waves that produce 31,000 brush strokes per minute.
    • You're not a bad person for finding comfort in thumb-sucking, but you are permanently damaging your choppers.
    • The teeth whitening specialists are already booking up fast, so get your choppers down there quick.
    • A standard set of 16 veneers over dingy old teeth, and the homely are transformed with instant white choppers.