Traducción de chubby en Español:


regordete, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃəbi//ˈtʃʌbi/

adjetivochubbier, chubbiest


  • 1

    (face/legs/cheeks) regordete coloquial
    (man/baby) gordinflón coloquial
    (baby/man) regordete coloquial
    (man/baby) rellenito coloquial
    (man/baby) rechoncho
    chubby-cheeked mofletudo
    • But she's just slightly chubby and has nice rosy cheeks and is very sort of ordinary-looking.
    • There is barely an ounce of fat on his body, and he continues to make his team-mates look chubby.
    • The man's round, chubby face was already flushed from that small amount of exertion.
    • He was slightly chubby with bushy, straight collar length mousy brown hair.
    • On the grass behind the beach families munch on fish and chips, chasing off the chubby seagulls.
    • One of the gunmen was white, of chubby build and wearing a Post Office uniform consisting of a pale blue shirt and blue trousers.
    • The fourth member of the group was chubby with a shaven head, a blue jumper and wearing spectacles.
    • She was too eager, as I knew she would be, her chubby fingers plying the hair too fast.
    • I couldn't go fast, no matter which gear I tried or how furiously I pumped my chubby legs.
    • Parents were horrified at the antics of chubby rocker Bill Haley and swivel-hipped Elvis Presley.
    • It came as a shock to see how chubby he was as both a child and an early teenager.
    • Once there, Christine spoke to a chubby policeman who directed us to a flight of stairs.
    • I still wear my hair short and those chubby little cheeks haven't thinned out a bit.
    • I felt sorry for the innumerable chubby people at the front who had to be gasping for air.
    • The man is described as aged between 40 and 50, of average height and of quite chubby build.
    • The man carrying the knife was much shorter than his accomplice and was described as chubby with a red face.
    • Brian said the chubby New Zealand animals were some of the hardest to keep happy in soaring temperatures.
    • I was quite a chubby child which was an issue because the rest of my family weren't.
    • Rabbits who are too chubby are not able to groom themselves properly and this can cause medical problems.
    • After his body was wet, Hugo's chubby little arms held onto his Dad while he leant back to wet his hair.