Traducción de chuckle en Español:


reírse, v.

Pronunciación /ˈtʃʌk(ə)l//ˈtʃək(ə)l/

verbo intransitivo

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    she chuckled to herself se rió entre dientes
    • The King's official looked at his clerk, and chuckled quietly, shaking his head.
    • A few polite souls chuckled, but the real joke was that he had already lost something.
    • As it turns out, we never get bored with it, and watch the whole damn thing, chuckling like hyenas.
    • They must have also given me something else because I was suddenly very happy: chuckling away in manic fashion.
    • I chuckled to myself as my morbid preoccupations melted away, replaced by a deep joy.
    • Calderwood starts to tell a story, then stops, chuckling to himself.
    • I can almost picture Johnson chuckling to himself when he read this critique of his book.
    • An elderly man rolled up his trousers and paddled in the sea, chuckling as the water foamed and tickled at his ankles.
    • And who knows, with a bit of homework and practice you could be chuckling all the way home after a successful day at the races.
    • The play is an entertaining romp that was enough to keep this reviewer chuckling for a couple of hours.
    • In person, with her long hair down, Guerin is chatty, friendly, occasionally chuckling.
    • Still chuckling he stretched one leg, then the other and got to his feet.
    • I reckon good old St Swithin is chuckling in his beard at the sight.
    • At this point I'm chuckling madly and can't remember my original question, if there was one.
    • Still chuckling, he picked up her mug and purposefully set it on the opposite end of the table.
    • Anyway, on the way out of the cinema, most of the gang were chuckling to themselves about how much they had enjoyed the film.
    • The day before, Ethan had been lively and was chuckling merrily, despite having a cold.
    • The elders passing by would always chuckle at his antics.
    • Was it just an honest mistake that airport security personnel are still chuckling over?
    • The two old men on the balcony across the road were still chuckling, for all the world like the two old Muppet men at the opera.


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    risita femenino
    they had a chuckle over / about that se estuvieron riendo de eso
    • it might raise a chuckle puede que haga reír
    • However, they were obviously light chuckles, as I can't even recall which parts I laughed at.
    • I couldn't hold in my chuckles of laughter and neither, it seemed, could Derek as I saw his shoulders shake.
    • The movie provokes a lot of smiles and chuckles, but few belly laughs.
    • But the chortles, chuckles and giggles are part of a much more serious project.
    • Much to her surprise and frustration, the man seemed to be trying to suppress a chuckle.
    • She, too, sat there in the water, laughing, as her buddies came up for a chuckle.
    • And now imagine the quiet chuckle Dylan is having at the fuss he's caused.
    • This certainly is a laugh aloud book, and I found myself alternating between muffled chuckles and outright guffaws.
    • Guffaws and chuckles follow, and they talk about how they blocked up all the entrances except the big door.
    • Bogosian knows how to prime his audience with some chuckles, and then goad them into a few uneasy laughs.
    • Laughter like a strange hybrid of belly laugh and chuckle, a belly chuckle, perhaps, is a bit of a giveaway.
    • You always have the feeling they're suppressing the chuckle just until they're off camera.
    • They talked happily, their conversation interspersed with chuckles, laughter and jokes.
    • Little more than a minute or two goes by without a chuckle or laugh from the group.
    • In ‘Memoirs of a Media Maverick’ Boyce Richardson provides a lot of chuckles, some guffaws, and three hearty belly laughs.
    • I've also included a piece that should give the women a good laugh and a nice chuckle to the men who can handle it.
    • The man next to me stifled a chuckle and I turned to see what he was laughing at.
    • My trepidation gave way to guilty chuckles, then belly laughs and then genuine admiration.
    • She suppressed a chuckle and nearly choked on her drink when he caught her looking.
    • What started as a chuckle soon developed into tear-spilling laughter - and I was all alone!