Traducción de circuit breaker en Español:

circuit breaker

cortacircuitos, n.


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    cortacircuitos masculino
    • Illegal connections had overloaded the network and caused circuit-breakers to trip.
    • This included adjusting the voltages in the electrical system to allow a circuit-breaker to be closed.
    • When we inspected the circuit-breaker panels, we discovered 16 tripped circuit breakers.
    • Eight new styles are being designed especially for the development, and all will include circuit-breakers.
    • The pilot got out of his seat to check some circuit-breakers on the failed radios.
    • The connector responsible for sending an overcurrent-overload signal to the radar circuit-breaker panel was also broken.
    • However, the right circuit-breaker panel, which suffered crash and fire damage, was found with all the breakers popped.
    • Mike nods at a circuit-breaker panel to the right of the copilot.
    • A circuit-breaker check indicated nothing out of the ordinary.
    • This circuit-breaker is suitable for plants in which smooth DC fault currents can occur.
    • If people took simple precautions such as wearing rubber-soled shoes and using a circuit-breaker, deaths would be fewer.