Traducción de civil service en Español:

civil service


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    the civil service (employees) el funcionariado (del Estado)
    • before noun she's taking the civil service entrance examinations está haciendo oposiciones para ingresar a la administración pública
    • They are about weakening the union and opening up the civil service for privatisation in the future.
    • But in its own special way, it shows that the civil service and politicians are listening.
    • The permanent bureaucracy of government, the civil service, took more and more control.
    • They were excluded from top jobs in politics, the civil service and the army.
    • Anyone who's got a family or a mortgage and is working in the civil service will have a lot of difficulty living on our wages.
    • With the civil service administration, there were a number of difficulties from the outset.
    • In doing so, it is following moves by the health service, civil service and local government.
    • This is a central part of government policy, not just for the civil service, but for the public sector as a whole.
    • In the 1930s, my mother, a civil service typist, had to leave her job when she married.
    • The very idea of a permanent civil service is a recipe for inertia and stagnation.
    • If that were the case, it would be quite exceptional in the civil service or in the wider community.
    • The strike was observed by a majority of workers in the civil service and private companies.
    • Neither civil service nor judiciary are trained to usurp a democratically elected prime minister.
    • This is the third in a series of strikes over pay in the civil service.
    • There are also professional services linked to some ministries and government departments as well as state civil services.
    • These civil service jobs cannot be cut without hitting frontline services.
    • The new list will be drawn from both the home civil service and non - government organisations.
    • They link smaller government with reinvented civil services.
    • First, there are seconded national officials and experts, usually from civil services, who stay with the Commission for between two and three years.
    • There is no money for the civil service, so government officials too are forced into corruption.