Traducción de civil war en Español:

civil war

guerra civil, n.


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    guerra civil femenino
    the Civil War (in US) la Guerra de Secesión
    • The film ends with the couple driven apart by civil war, world war and dictatorship.
    • The programme's central claim is that the civil war was really a war about religion.
    • In the very process of winning the civil war, the regime was inwardly corrupted.
    • The people here were already in difficulty due to the civil war that had raged for nearly 20 years.
    • Children tend to be used heavily as soldiers during prolonged civil wars; and such civil wars abound at present.
    • They are fleeing persecution, civil wars and grinding deprivation.
    • All of the national and religious communities have been victimized by the civil wars.
    • This rivalry had involved civil wars, peasant uprisings, and religious strife of every description.
    • The scene drives home as nothing else the ugly ironies that make civil wars the cruelest.
    • It has lasted for a long time, through depressions, recessions, slumps, civil wars and world wars.
    • This acted as the trigger for a series of civil wars, as reactionaries and progressives battled both with the French and each other.
    • During the past 15 years, the number of wars and civil wars has not diminished.
    • Independence from Spain in 1816 led to a succession of civil wars during the nineteenth century.
    • It could also lay the basis for civil wars, tension between the US and European powers and future military intervention.
    • Refugees from civil wars all over the world also used this border to enter Europe.
    • And as you know, almost all the wars are civil wars, so that's how we devote our time.
    • We can tell that they've had civil war after civil war and that much of their population is unemployed.
    • Its aim would be to stop wars and civil wars which are preventing development in parts of the continent.
    • This has fuelled the civil war, which has left two and a half million people dead and which still rages today.
    • The men moving the chess pieces are hurling millions of people into poverty, with tens of thousands forced to flee from numerous civil wars.