Traducción de claim en Español:


Pronunciación /kleɪm//kleɪm/


  • 1

    wage / pay claim reivindicación salarial femenino
    • claim for sth
    • my claim for a disability allowance was rejected rechazaron mi solicitud de una prestación por invalidez
    • to put in a claim for expenses presentar una solicitud de reembolso de gastos
    • the company paid / met his claim for compensation in full la compañía pagó la totalidad de la suma que reclamó como indemnización
    • to file a claim presentar una demanda
    • she makes enormous claims on my time me quita muchísimo tiempo
  • 2

    (to right, title)
    derecho masculino
    claim to sth derecho a algo
    • they have a legitimate claim to the territory tienen legítimo derecho a reivindicar el territorio como propio
    • I've no claim to expertise in that area no pretendo ser experto en la materia
    • research has a prior claim on available funds la investigación tiene prioridad en la adjudicación de los fondos disponibles
    • she has first claim on my affection es la persona que más quiero
  • 3

    afirmación femenino
    that's a big claim to make eso es mucho decir
    • they ignored her claim that she was being followed afirmó que la seguían pero no le hicieron caso
    • His is a startling claim that is inconsistent with the repeated declarations of U.S. statesmen.
    • Do you think there is any substance, then, to his claim that his own warnings went ignored?
    • But critics say the claim that the 87,000 who've left are doing well rests on shaky evidence.
    • Professor Keep also challenges the claim that more than three-quarters of new jobs will be for graduates.
    • The claim that he couldn't act might have been true a couple of years ago but it most definitely is quite untrue and quite out-of-date now.
    • The claim that professors at the leading law schools tilt to the left is supported by statistics.
    • Objections include the claim that a house so close to the graveyard would intrude on burials and the privacy of people visiting graves.
    • Thus, the claim that the card offers some kind of advantage to consumers is dangerously close to lying.
    • Parents of pupils at a York primary school have challenged the council claim that their children will receive an improved service if it closes.
    • Furthermore, the claim that the similarities were a result of photographic memory is a claim Kelly herself has never made.
    • Their claim that the sector employs 91,000 people directly is a credible and much-needed revision.
    • He has ridiculed the claim that militants are responsible for the disappearances.
    • The claim that this was an ‘extraordinary’ boom is belied by the Government's own figures.
    • She questions my claim that people soon wake up to this and are not deceived by it.
    • The claim that the visa regulations are being introduced is not true to fact.
    • The claim that the protestors offer no alternative to globalization is as false as the other claims.
    • We should also be countering the claim that the monies teachers receive will lead to the impoverishment of city residents.
    • Police never bothered to question his claim that he had used the apartment for drug activities.
    • Objections are met with the claim that we need cotton for our clothes, when the truth is that almost all our cotton crop is exported.
    • Albee disagrees with the frequent claim that audiences today are less tolerant of challenging drama.
  • 4

    (piece of land)
    concesión femenino
    he staked his claim to the party leadership dejó claro que estaba en la contienda por el liderazgo del partido
    • JK explained about the ancient mining law allowing homes built on mining claims.
    • The mining claims or other mining related interest may be affected by the action.
    • In Quebec, for example, mining claims are staked using maps on the Internet, a system Teed favors.
    • As a result Chinese were driven off gold mining claims by white miners who had no fear of being arrested.
    • The area no longer has any active mines, but there are large tracts of land under claim for placer mining.
    • Mining claims were staked but were illegal because the territory belonged to the Indians.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(assert title to)

      (land/throne/inheritance) reclamar
      (right) reivindicar
      to claim diplomatic immunity alegar inmunidad diplomática
      • they claimed the disputed territory as their own reivindicaron como suyo el territorio en litigio
      • Instead of claiming the offered prize money, he instead decides to share his work with other research scientists.
      • Some householders then claim compensation from the council, and the council demands the builder repays that compensation.
      • The allegations against him go further, suggesting he is claiming money from the fees office to pay the costs of care for his disabled sister.
      • Of course there are allegations of people getting compensation, then coming back and claiming money again.
      • Both opponents and supporters of affirmative action claimed victory in the days following the ruling.
      • His supporters claimed a significant reduction in agrarian crime.
      • Less than half of home-owning pensioners are claiming the money they should get.
      • Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than the 5th of March, 2005.
      • She remained the moving spirit behind the scenes for a long time after she stopped claiming any formal roles or titles.
      • Frankness demands that any scientist claiming an advance in knowledge must set bounds on that claim by pointing out remaining uncertainties and areas of ignorance.
      • His supporters have now claimed victory.
      • They would compete against each other in its discovery, to gain knowledge and claim new territory.
      • If your income is less than these amounts and you have savings that earn interest, then you can claim tax back.
      • His supporters, having claimed victory, were celebrating in the streets Thursday night.
      • Half of the UK's pensioners will be able to claim Pension Credit from October.
      • As he picked the baby up to take him home, seeing that was the only thing to do for there was no one claiming him, he noticed a book opened beside it.
      • It set out do something, only to achieve nothing and then claim a victory.
      • The bitterest military conflict in late twentieth-century Latin American history came to an end with all sides claiming a measure of victory.
      • Self-employed people who work from home could be missing out on significant tax savings by not claiming their full expenses entitlement.
      • Those employed in domestic service will be able to claim the amount they earn as a tax deduction.
      • This has led some to believe that it is essential to gain entry before claiming asylum.
      • The UK government is claiming some kind of victory out of a Common Fisheries Policy negotiations which everyone, in the cold light of dawn, admits is the management of extinction by committee.
      • She had claimed Income Support as a single person and had failed to declare her work.
      • The laws apply to anyone who claims asylum once in Britain, instead of at a port of entry.
      • No extra money over and above these costs can be claimed.
      • The couple were dismayed about waiting so long, and later barged into the hospital with supporters to claim the baby.
      • If he does, tradition demands that he can claim a seat on the Treasury bench.
      • Artists began to claim the right to suggest their own subject matter, unshackled by scholars or patrons.
      • What happens to those who have rights but who cannot articulate them, or assert them, or claim them?

    • 1.2(demand, take as one's own)

      (lost property) reclamar
      she claimed her rightful place as the world champion ocupó el lugar que le correspondía como campeona mundial
      • the earthquake claimed many lives el terremoto cobró muchas vidas

    • 1.3

      (social security/benefits) (apply for) solicitar
      (benefits/social security) (receive) cobrar
      he's going to claim compensation va a exigir que se lo indemnice
      • she's not entitled to claim these allowances no tiene derecho a (solicitar) estas prestaciones
      • you can claim your expenses back puedes pedir que te reembolsen los gastos
      • At the moment they roughly share the cost of producing the funding for people who claim accident compensation.
      • If it ever breaks down, call your local computer geek, or set fire to it and claim the insurance money!
      • What a tragedy it would be to be burgled and not have time to claim on your insurance policy.
      • The passenger door, rear door and passenger side rear long window were all damaged so I had to claim on my insurance to pay for the damage.
      • She was also accused of faking three burglaries to claim insurance money.
      • I could claim on the house insurance but would still have to find the first £50.
      • Days passed and Tom then asked Harry to claim on the insurance.
      • We can't claim on insurance because it's a flat roof, which doesn't get covered.
      • He tries to claim on the insurance but is told he is entitled to nothing, the insurance company declare it an ‘act of God’.
      • You can still claim on your travel insurance, but then the insurer will recoup the cost from the airline.
      • These must be claimed against household insurance.
      • How does adding an inexperienced driver make it less likely that we'll need to claim on the insurance?
      • Owners reported lost phones stolen to claim on insurance, pushing reported crime through the roof.
      • My brother spent the weekend agonising over whether to claim on his insurance.
      • Mobile phone users have been told to report their phone stolen to make it easier to claim on their insurance.
      • Henry is told to claim on his travel insurance, which has a £50 excess charge.
      • What are you entitled to claim on your house insurance?
      • Anyone whose claim is not honoured by their carrier is also likely to find it difficult to claim on their travel insurance.
      • Still, it's lucky it's a proper illness as you'd be less likely to claim on your tour insurance for a stage-fright cancellation.
      • Sometimes punters who have lost their phone falsely report it as stolen in order to claim on insurance.

  • 2

    (allege, profess)
    no one has claimed responsibility for the attack nadie ha reivindicado el atentado
    • no one can yet claim victory nadie puede cantar victoria todavía
    • I can't claim indifference no puedo pretender que no me importa
    • he claimed (that) he knew nothing about it aseguraba / afirmaba no saber nada de ello
    • he claims their dog bit him dice haber sido mordido por su perro
    • to claim to + inf
    • they claim to have found the cure dicen / aseguran haber encontrado la cura
    • I can't claim to be an intellectual no pretendo ser un intelectual
    • She also claimed that the profession does not attract enough new recruits for financial reasons, painting a worrying picture for the future of nursing.
    • At the same time, he claimed that professionally qualified caterers were on hand to monitor and inspect the cooking.
    • They also claimed that moves to protect her new identity were useless as she was so instantly recognisable.
    • Mrs May claimed that evidence from the blonde-haired victim, who had had a baby since her ordeal, was unreliable.
    • Supporters claimed privatisation would bring an end to underfunding.
    • How many times has Ian claimed that he's moved past their time together?
    • They also claimed that additional information, other than the video evidence, had come to their attention.
    • The plaintiff claimed that there is evidence to show what her current needs are.
    • The prosecution claims they attacked him on December 30 when he tried to stop them stealing the Toyota.
    • The government claims this would potentially cost hundreds of millions of dollars it cannot afford.
    • The new rules, if passed, will also cut down the cost of processing asylum requests, claims the right-wing party.
    • They claim the cost to victims of accidents with uninsured drivers is £500 million each year.
    • The professor claimed that he should not have to appear before the commission on grounds of his age and ill health.
    • The developers and some anthropologists claimed that the evidence on which protection had been granted was fabricated.
    • Hospital representatives have claimed that the shutdowns are temporary and have attempted to minimise their impact.
    • It has been claimed the chartered jet cost £75,000 to take her back to west Africa last Thursday afternoon.
    • Mitsuki looked back at Akira and scowled at her for claiming such a ridiculous notion.
    • Mr Wallace claimed that the move would have a huge impact on local companies and could result in job losses.
    • In Central Tibet dialect, a language unknown to the district he lived in, the child demanded the rosary, claiming it belonged to him.
    • One protestor claimed that the company was recruiting contractors to replace the permanent workforce.
  • 3

    (attention/interest) reclamar
    • Then Jonas seemed to shake himself out of whatever thoughts had claimed him.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    presentar una reclamación
    to claim for sth reclamar algo
    • have you claimed for your hotel bill yet? ¿has reclamado ya los gastos de hotel?
    • to claim on sth
    • you can claim on the insurance puedes reclamar al seguro