Traducción de clank en Español:


hacer ruido, v.

Pronunciación /klæŋk//klaŋk/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bicycle/chain) hacer ruido
    the tanks clanked into the square los tanques entraron traqueteando en la plaza
    • She fidgets throughout our chat, clanking a spoon on the table, tearing at the sauce sachets.
    • The girl talked, he talked, the radiator clanked.
    • Less than a second later, the chains clanked against the wall.
    • His heavy plate armour clanked as he waved his shield arm and brandished a huge spiked mace.
    • So if you see me driving round in a big, clanking heavy old thing, you will know that I got it right and chose the car.
    • Evan also clanked his chains as he shrugged and slouched further down in his seat, staring at his scarred wrists.
    • They got off the bus and were led, leg chains clanking and dragging on the cobbles as they shuffled along, following the warder.
    • The fork clanked against her plate loudly.
    • Hoyt's armor clinked and clanked with each step he took.
    • Gustav spoke, his voice fading and his armor clanking as he moved away.
    • He raced towards the lake, his feet clanking on the tin roof, her own footsteps a bit louder behind him.
    • Then she led him down the hallway, his suit of armor clanking in rhythm with his steps.
    • We had no air conditioning in the warm months and clanking radiators in the winter.
    • I haven't seen anyone wearing cowboy hats or heard any spurs clanking.
    • I walked over to him, my spurs clanking on the concrete platform and tipped the brim of my hat to him.
    • Abbadon steered himself through the maze-like tower, his heavy boots clanking with each step.
    • We headed over to where activity had been sighted, our heavy armor clanking ridiculously.
    • He laughed long and hard, bent over his knees, his armor jangling and clanking as his empty chest heaved.
    • He clanked his chains, hoping someone on the floors above him would hear.
    • Ryan abruptly hung up the phone, the old receiver clanking heavily into the set.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (chain) hacer sonar
    she clanked the bucket down on the floor plantó el cubo en el suelo con gran estrépito


  • 1

    (de cadenas etc) ruido metálico masculino