Traducción de clash en Español:


conflicto, n.

Pronunciación /klæʃ//klaʃ/


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    • 1.1

      (of interests) conflicto masculino
      (of cultures) choque masculino
      (of opinions, views) disparidad femenino
      I missed the lecture because of a timetable clash me perdí la conferencia porque tenía otra cosa a la misma hora / por un problema de coincidencia de horarios
      • So it may have been a matter of a personality clash.
      • His dissenting judgments brought many clashes with the House of Lords.
      • And on Friday there's going to be a clash of these two different ideals.
      • For far too long now, election campaigns in this country have been devoid of issues and dominated by petty issues and personality clashes.
      • The Executive is facing some major divisions - not only with ideology, but with personality clashes.
      • Generational clashes over clothing are nothing new.
      • Lack of money seems a thin excuse, and his departure is more likely to have been the result of a clash of personalities.
      • I do not think that it is grandiose to say that what we are seeing unfolding before our eyes is nothing less than the clash of two very different civilizations.
      • ‘There was a clash of personalities and things took a turn for the worse,’ he said.
      • And indeed, for the first few days the clash of personalities and cultures can be terrifying.
      • It is expected that a healthy flow of ideas and suggestions, and not a clash of personalities shall prevail.
      • In every party, personality clashes occur all the time, but they don't normally emerge to the light of public day.
      • What could have been a mutually beneficial working relationship was marred by the clash of their personalities.
      • The convoy itself encountered numerous difficulties; mechanical and logistical problems were compounded by stormy clashes of personality.
      • The company, however, put the conflict down to a personality clash between the parties.
      • Ammu, did you really have many clashes with father?
      • I very much hope that a clash of civilisations can be avoided - there's nothing inevitable about it.
      • The power struggle at centres around a personality clash between him and the man who has become the most important figure behind the scenes.
      • Have you noticed recent personality clashes, suddenly overly-friendly colleagues, or small huddled groups round water coolers who stop talking as you approach?
      • He puts it down to a simple clash of personalities.

    • 1.2(of colors)

      falta de armonía femenino
      • In France people need permission to paint buildings a particular colour in an effort to avoid a clash of colour in a street.
      • He spilled a can of green paint across terracotta tiles - what a horrendous clash of colours.
      • Gone are the stylish wedding planners who once plucked out the excess baby's breath and saved you from unforeseen colour clashes.

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    (between armies, rival factions)
    enfrentamiento masculino
    choque masculino
    a clash of heads un cabezazo
    • Over the past couple of months hundreds of thousands of protestors have dominated the country's capital, resulting in a series of violent clashes with police and brutal arrests.
    • A naval journal from 1853-1854 reveals clashes with pirates in the Far East at the height of British imperial power.
    • Six persons including an 8 year old boy were injured in different road mishaps and three others were wounded in separate clashes.
    • The union said the farmers arrested on Monday went to help a besieged neighbour, leading to violent clashes with militants occupying his land.
    • The protests turned into violent clashes with police.
    • The anger and frustration of the most oppressed sections of youth that erupted in the form of violent clashes with police in the Paris area last week has now spread to the whole of France.
    • Their dispute has resulted in clashes with the police, and the union is considering legal action over the use of stun grenades and rubber bullets.
    • Pioneer farming settlements began to spring up, canals were constructed, and the controversial building of roads and railways led to the famous clashes with Native Americans.
    • Last week a march organised by the National Union of Students ended in violent clashes with the police.
    • Four men have been arrested following violent clashes with police in a disturbance in Huddersfield during which a council building was damaged by a blazing car.
    • Violent clashes with police erupted after demonstrators attempted to storm into the concert.
    • Violent protests and clashes with armed riot police have continued every night since and have spread to other working class suburbs.
    • Antigovernment demonstrations and violent clashes with the security forces marked the months that followed.
    • However his duties throughout WW2 in a total of nine countries saw no clashes with the enemy and although he was battle trained he never fired his gun other than during target practice.
    • Fifteen pro-hunting demonstrators were being held in custody today following yesterday's violent clashes with police outside Parliament, police said.
    • The others clashed with more than 1,000 police and more than 20 protesters were injured in two battles of clashes with police early Monday afternoon.
    • Riot police were involved last night in violent clashes with hundreds of youths in Leeds.
    • Two protesters were killed in recent clashes with police and a police chief was photographed shooting one man in cold blood.
    • Violence, property damage, and clashes with police became expected features of the anti-globalization movement.
    • And several were injured in clashes with the security forces.
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    the clash of swords el sonido del choque de espadas
    • the clash of the cymbals el sonido de los platillos

verbo intransitivo

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    • 1.1

      (aims/interests) estar en conflicto
      (aims/interests) estar en pugna
      (personalities) chocar
      our views clash on every subject tenemos puntos de vista opuestos en todo
      • The two have since clashed frequently over his spending to recruit top bankers.
      • Eastern religion and science can proceed side-by-side without dispute or clashing with each other.
      • This dispute is not the first time Marie has clashed with the council.
      • In our country and all over the world, we have a great confusion of various ideas and people clashing with each other.
      • The senator has really clashed with Republicans on the Hill.
      • Earlier this year the justice minister clashed with council leaders.
      • Upon her arrival in 1862, she immediately clashes with the all-powerful ruler over his refusal to give her a house outside the Royal Palace in which to raise her young son.
      • As soon as we find a value that looks universal, we see that it clashes with other, equally universal values.
      • Clearly, the principle of self-determination clashes with the principle of territorial integrity and global leaders are increasingly seeing this angle to the problem.
      • Later, Rachel clashes with roommates after she takes it upon herself to pressure them to get up and get moving early - as it's done in the Army.
      • Doesn't it seem, though, that this clashes with their earlier demand for freedom for everyone?
      • The Government clashed with one of its biggest employee unions yesterday over the effect of a strike by workers protesting at the removal of security screens protecting them from the public.
      • I can deal with a film that has plot, but at times, it seems like the director's desire to break Hollywood conventions clashes with amateurish writing.
      • The MP has clashed with his own councillors, after they decided to oppose any plan to build a third runway and sixth terminal, at Heathrow Airport.
      • Their personalities clashed viciously, and this would probably only be the first of many disagreements.
      • Each works in their own way to fight the corporate media system and its government control, eventually clashing over their differing methods of protest.
      • Sources have told the Sunday Herald that the energy minister has clashed with the PIU's expert advisers and demanded that a draft be rewritten so that it was less negative about nuclear power.
      • He was aware of the reformist current in Iranian culture and government, which clashes with the more traditionalist conservatives.
      • The intern visibly suffers as idealism clashes with professional goals.
      • Tempers have flared as the newcomers' habits have clashed with local customs.
      • This rough, urban setting clashes with our preconceived notions about her adorable subject matter.
      • This figure clashes with that of the Office of Tobacco Control, as the State agency says just under 25% of Irish people smoke.
      • The leader of the minority Liberal Democrat party repeatedly clashed with the mayor during last month's meeting of the full council.
      • Members of the County Council have clashed over the issue of auctioneers' signs which are obliterating the countryside.
      • I've never clashed with her over anything else.
      • This view clashes with the feelings of residents and businesses.
      • The absurdity of the plot clashes with the show's craving for social realism.
      • However, his older brother, Anthony, has his own ideas about how to spend the money and their polar opposite fiscal philosphies eventually clash.
      • He's a moderate Republican; he's frequently clashed with GOP leaders.
      • But at some point, won't all those egos clash?
      • Communities with direct experience of the company's operations see another side of the company which clashes with the public image.
      • One could say that these differing philosophies clashed.
      • The advice that women use barrier contraception clashed with the hospital's ethos, although the leaflet did say abstinence was acceptable.
      • And you know, when you describe him as defiant and combative, I think that this is a really interesting case of where the video clashes with reality.
      • By voting for the reforms the students have clashed with older generations of doctors within the BMA who are opposed to random testing, seeing it as an infringement of their civil liberties.
      • Dan, now successful in advertising, is doing his best to drink himself into failure; in a bleakly comic scene he clashes with Julia, who has become a wealthy lifestyle guru.
      • But Phillips disagreed and the two clashed over finance.
      • Wind farm champions clashed with critics at a green energy meeting in Kendal.
      • We were no longer supposed to argue, clash, conflict, debate, dispute, oppose, or protest.
      • This position clashes with that of others.

    • 1.2

      (patterns/colors) desentonar
      to clash with sth desentonar con algo
      • that tie clashes with your shirt esa corbata no te pega con la camisa
      • Be careful that your colors don't clash, either among the flowers or between flowers and furniture.
      • She blushed bright pink from her neck to her hairline, the color clashing horribly with her auburn hair.
      • The design challenges come in giving these bold evergreens enough shoulder room and keeping their flower colors from clashing.
      • I could colour it orange instead, but it would clash, and I think I would rather go to bed.
      • He had very pale skin that clashed horribly with his black hair, which hung to his shoulders.
      • The blood's deep red hue clashed against his skin's pale white pigment.
      • The carpet clashes with the chairs.
      • We worked in silence; occasionally I had to tell him to use different wrapping paper or that his ribbons clashed with the paper.
      • She used to love being outdoors, and she used to always wear bright, if sometimes clashing, colours.
      • It was a bright orange color and it clashed horribly with my baby blue pajama bottoms.
      • The green color of my bag clashed horribly with my yellow dress and my red hair but I couldn't be persuaded to leave it behind.
      • Designs that use too many colors, colors that clash, or a messy layout, are just plain hard to look at.
      • Time and again, I've been told that color combinations I like clash.
      • The only difference was the hair color; Jillian's was a fair, straw color, clashing with Aubrey's sandy locks.
      • The explosions blossomed in the night sky, the colors continuing to clash against each other.
      • She's wearing an orange t-shirt and purple three-quarter pants that clash horribly with her hair.
      • The floor under Cecil's feet was tiled, colours merging and clashing in a dazzling display.
      • Note down how some people clash colours, while others are able to mix complementary tones that suit their overall look.
      • Besides, the colours clash with my living room.

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    (leaders/armies/factions) chocar
    to clash with sb (over sth)
    • police clashed with demonstrators hubo choques entre la policía y los manifestantes
    • he clashed with his manager over his contract tuvo un enfrentamiento con el gerente acerca de su contrato
    • Violence erupted on Tuesday when militants clashed with a bandit gang and 15 people were killed.
    • In a sixth night of violence across troubled suburbs around Paris on Tuesday night, police clashed with angry youths and scores of vehicles were torched in at least nine towns.
    • Demonstrators in Cairo have clashed with police in recent days.
    • Some clashed with policemen who were trying to prevent conflict between the two groups.
    • In Greece, a protest by 150,000 in Athens turned violent when police fired tear gas and clashed with anarchists.
    • Security forces clashed with a ‘terrorist band’, officials said last night.
    • The wounds left by one of the country's most serious public disorders in more than 50 years, where hundreds of youths clashed with riot police, would not heal overnight.
    • The violence began when police clashed with some 2,000 demonstrators who were demanding the release of six people earlier detained by police.
    • Anti-war protesters outside the embassy have repeatedly clashed with riot police, thrown stones and ignited gas canisters and tyres.
    • Thousands of anti-government demonstrators clashed with supporters of the president in the capital yesterday.
    • The annual May Day demonstrations got off to a violent start overnight when police clashed with protestors in Berlin and the northern city of Hamburg.
    • Anarchist protesters brought chaos to the city centre today as they clashed with police in a series of violent confrontations.
    • In Algeria, police have again clashed with protesters, this time to break up a demonstration.
    • Several people were wounded and one killed when protesters clashed with troops on August 13.
    • Thousands of Chinese villagers have clashed with police after officials cut off water used for irrigating drought-plagued fields.
    • Students clashed repeatedly with riot police outside the court.
    • On Wednesday, police in riot gear clashed with fans as Chelsea met West Ham.
    • A demonstration turned violent when police clashed with protesters after the rally had all but dispersed.
    • He dismissed the anarchists who clashed with police on Monday as ‘losers’.
    • A crowd of between 300 and 400 drunken louts clashed with police officers and vandalised a tram after the match.
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    (dates) coincidir
    the concert clashes with the film tonight el concierto y la película de esta noche son a la misma hora
    • This is causing the operators something of a headache as they try to keep their tournaments from clashing with each other.
    • He will compete in six of the championships' seven rounds, missing one because it clashes with his touring car commitments.
    • However, the date of the EGM may be changed as many retailers say it clashes with one of the busiest trading periods of the year.
    • I've not managed to get to Cropredy for some years, as it clashes with the Edinburgh Festival.
    • She should have gone out to visit Florida State University last month, but her visit clashed with an athletics meeting in Mannheim.
    • The parade will kick off at its usual time of 1.15p.m. despite the fact it is clashing this year with the Waterford City Parade.
    • I'm also nervous because the Spanish exam time clashes with my Intro to Law class.
    • Apparently, he was miffed that his party, at a fabulous palazzo, clashed with a dinner held in honour of Lucian Freud.
    • The gig clashes with the England-France match.
    • Derby Day, Sunday, June 30 which features The Budweiser on the Curragh race course clashes with the final of the World Cup.
    • It is a shame though, that the event clashes with the All-Ireland Under-21 final.
    • It is not known if the prime minister will fly to the funeral, or what he will do if it clashes with the prince's wedding on Friday.
    • Broadcasters have already warned that fair coverage of a referendum would be impossible if it clashes with the May elections, and some ministers fear it could lead to a legal challenge in the courts.
    • But the timing was not great for Melbournians, for whom it was the start of the first week back at Uni, and it clashed with the Newcastle Writers' Festival.
    • In fact this clashes with Fenner's birthday party, and I decide that I can probably manage both in one evening.
    • I was rather annoyed to realise that the London To Brighton Bike Ride this year clashes with one of the big staging rehearsals for the Chorus' Summer Show.
    • It was a shame that it clashed with the Wales - Ireland Six Nations rugby match, but looking back, people may have been better off watching the volleyball instead.
    • It is the second time that the play-offs are being postponed, as the previous matches clashed with the final of the NFA Cup, which in fact took place last weekend.
    • I understand the Boat Race was first changed to Sunday because it clashed with the Grand National and the BBC could not cover both outside broadcasts simultaneously.
    • Organisers of a popular fireworks display which clashes with England's crucial football game in Turkey this Saturday are hoping the big match action does not deter the crowds.
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    • 4.1(make noise)

      (swords/cymbals) (al entrechocarse) sonar
      • Draconis ran forward, Mango rushing to meet him, and their swords clashed together violently.
      • Drums beating, cymbals clashing, the dragons blinked and leaped about athletically.
      • The sound of there swords clashing together seemed to echo.
      • To his surprise though, his sword clashed with something else metal.
      • They watched as the two fighters kept moving, their swords clashing.
      • They moved swiftly and surely, swords clashing in a continual struggle, but they seemed fairly evenly matched for neither seemed able to get the upper edge.
      • Sword clashed with sword and Katherine pulled away.
      • Their blades clash again, though both are little less energetic than before.
      • With this their swords clashed with a loud clang of metal.
      • Clashing cymbals punctuate her hips as they start and stop.
      • From inside the gym, two swords were violently clashing against each other.
      • I heard the sounds of their blades clashing repeatedly as I raised myself to a stand.
      • The sound of metal clashing together alerted the group and the knights ran to her aid along with everybody else.
      • Their weapons clashed as they met in the middle of the room.
      • Her sword clashed with that of another as the reinforcements arrived.
      • Swords clashed, cold steel shining in the candlelight.
      • Arrows flew through the air, spears were hurled at the intruders and at the defenders, and swords clashed with shields.
      • Their swords clashed as the audience watched in silence.
      • He used his knife to deflect her sword and they clashed with a loud clang.
      • Dante brought his sword down and metal clashed together as Kain swiped his upwards.

    • 4.2(collide)

      their heads clashed se dieron un cabezazo

verbo transitivo

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    (cymbals) tocar
    (weapons) entrechocar