Traducción de clasp en Español:


broche, n.

Pronunciación /klæsp//klɑːsp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fastening)

      broche masculino
      cierre masculino
      • She brushed past him, fingers working at the clasp of her deep green cloak.
      • I removed my cloak, that had a metal clasp, and my wristwatch.
      • Credentials were sent in an envelope held shut by a single metal clasp.
      • He unhooked the clasps and allowed the mask to fall down.
      • One of my favorite albums, just barely held together with a gold clasp, is no bigger than my palm.
      • At each shoulder was a silver clasp in the shape of a star.
      • Carefully he wrapped his heavy traveling cloak over his shoulders and fastened the neck clasp.
      • For a shorter necklace, you may attach a clasp at the top of the necklace.
      • I arched my back and redid the clasp of my bra.
      • Pulling up a chair, I sat down and pushed up the gold clasp.
      • A white kilt was wrapped around his waist, with a large gold clasp in the front.
      • His hands hurried to undo the clasp of his cloak and spread it out on the grass.
      • Buttons hadn't been invented in the 5th century so sleeves were held together with elaborate bronze clasps, and at last there was an explanation for the ivory rings.
      • She was short but pretty, her black hair pulled up neatly in a bun and fastened together with clasps made of gold.
      • She finally unhooked the clasp and threw the necklace across the room.
      • Attach the clasp to one end of the bracelet.
      • She held the clasps of the necklace up.
      • She placed a finger gently on its golden clasp and opened it.
      • The clasp was golden and she loved the sound of it when she clicked it open, or clicked it shut.
      • She slid the lid over them and wanted to fasten the clasp.

    • 1.2(embrace)

      he held his opponent in a firm clasp tenía bien agarrado a su contrincante

  • 2

    (on medal)
    pasador masculino
    • In 1966 he was awarded an MBE and, on the same day, an Air Efficiency Award with two clasps for his service to the Air Force.
    • Once engraved, the medals and/or clasps are sent to commanders for presentation.
    • He saw active service in the Crimean War as paymaster on HMS Gladiator, being awarded the Crimean War Medal, clasp Sevastapol.
    • Why is it then that recipients have to wait for periods any greater than one month to receive their medal or clasp?
    • He was conspicuous also for being the only recruit with three long service badges and a long service medal with clasp!
    • The Queen has given Royal Assent to the issuing of a General Service Medal with a special clasp for veterans who served in Egypt from 1951-54.
    • A General Service medal with a clasp bearing the campaign's name will be struck.
    • He was awarded the Crimean War Medal, three clasps and the Turkish Crimean War Medal.
    • The medal features four clasps each bearing the names of battle honours awarded for action at Vittoria, St Sebastian, Nivelle and Nive.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (grip, embrace)
    she clasped her bag firmly sujetó / agarró firmemente el bolso
    • they clasped hands se dieron un fuerte apretón de manos
    • he clasped her in his arms la estrechó entre sus brazos
    • Quickly grabbing her stuff and clasping the key tightly in her hand she ran upstairs and went to the room at the end of the corridor.
    • As they tightly clasped the bewildering ballot papers bearing the names of 111 parties across the country, some shed tears of joy, some danced in the streets.
    • I clasped the shampoo bottle tightly and squeezed a small portion out of it and slowly worked it in my hair.
    • She pushed it open without hesitation and still clasping my arm, dragged me inside.
    • She clasped it tightly in her brown fist, and grinned in satisfaction.
    • He bent down on one knee, once again clasping my shoulders tightly.
    • Snapping out my arm, I clasped the narrow wood between my fingers.
    • She clasped the sword tightly and started to walk back to the tavern.
    • Cradle it like a small bird or clasp it tightly like a squirming cat.
    • He clasped her hand tightly and she was immediately fond of his firm, warm grip that felt as if it fit like a glove.
    • I clasped Kyle's hand tightly as we headed towards the front door.
    • She put down her book, leaned back, and clasped the paper-knife tightly in both hands.
    • The blond man stared down at the bottle clasped gently between his hands.
    • He again turned from me, but this time, he reached out and clasped my hand tightly as he walked.
    • He leaned close, clasping the horse's mane as tightly as he could without harming the horse.
    • She nestled happily in the curve of his arm, clasping his hand between hers.
    • "You have to be joking! " she laughs loudly, clasping his shoulder.
    • He slid his hand down her arm until he could clasp her hand.
    • Closing her eyes, she sat, cross legged, fingers clasping an emerald green pendant.
    • Closing his eyes tightly, he clasped his head in his hands in deep regret.
  • 2

    (necklace/bracelet) abrochar
    the belt was clasped tightly around his waist llevaba el cinturón bien apretado
    • He carefully undid it, then in one quick, violent motion, clasped it as tightly as it would go.
    • A while silk scarf was wrapped around her shoulders, and a jade pendant was clasped around her neck.
    • But even so I clasped the necklace around my neck and smiled happily.
    • For posterity I'd clasped the necklace Lily had given me around my neck.
    • He grasped her wrist and clasped the bracelet around it.