Traducción de class consciousness en Español:

class consciousness

conciencia de clase, n.


Política Sociología

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    conciencia de clase femenino
    (classism) clasismo masculino
    • These people will be dealt with by a movement of the working class, in a way that educates workers and promotes class consciousness, not in a way that legitimizes and buttresses a criminal occupation.
    • In Hamburg, at least, the problem was actually the strength of the bourgeoisie's class consciousness and social cohesion.
    • By the 1830s, industrialisation had created the industrial worker, and had formed working class consciousness.
    • We need to steer people away from nationalistic thought and towards class consciousness.
    • As he points out, the indicators usually utilised to chart class consciousness are imperfect but we have to use them in that knowledge.
    • The persistence of reactionary ideologies is a barrier to the development of social struggles and increased class consciousness.
    • However as some of studies in this volume indicate, in spite of such opposition, signs of working class consciousness did develop among migrant workers in the Pacific.
    • The 1917 Russian Revolution can be explained far better by reference to the societal disruption caused by the First World War than to a theory of working class consciousness and historical inevitability.
    • He hated its snobbish class consciousness, its persecuting mentality, its intellectual pretentiousness.
    • Driven by desperation, lacking any awareness of the social and class nature of their revolt, these spontaneous eruptions manifested class consciousness only in an ‘embryonic’ form.
    • The book is a delight, and should be on the ‘to read’ list of those who use music, theatrics or any other form of creative expression to inspire resistance and class consciousness.
    • In contrast to, say, the paper's conscientious reporting on the '60s-era civil-rights movement in the South, its foray into class consciousness suffers from a fatal flaw.
    • Rumours of the death of working class consciousness in Britain have, of course, been greatly exaggerated.
    • What comes of his hunger is not just class consciousness but an existential condition and a trope for American experience.
    • Nowadays, the workers have become self-centered and class consciousness is fast disappearing.
    • As yet they have no class consciousness and there is no guiding idea in their struggle against individual oppressors.
    • There was also a concern with the way in which gender affected class consciousness, though this was problematized for women and not for men even by feminists.
    • Anyone who believes that this will happen by cumulative single defections from their camp to that of the far left simply has no understanding about how working class consciousness develops as a process and over time.
    • For example, how might this context of restructuring shape or hinder working class consciousness for the purpose of transforming industry?
    • Not until the fifteenth century, as class consciousness developed, does the sheer prestige of office seem to have outweighed its liabilities, and even then specific offices with accounting responsibilities remained unpopular.