Traducción de classification en Español:


clasificación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌklæsəfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌklasɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (act, process)
    clasificación femenino
    • The Consortium's classification scheme seems to assume that their categories are relevant internationally.
    • For example, in faceted classification you will probably want to label each facet.
    • Classification within the genus Italopodisma, based solely on subtle differences in the shape of the male genitalia, is known to be difficult.
    • The process of classification determines what material is suitable for which age group, and in this it seems fair enough.
    • Does this represent a revolution in classification processes?
    • Virtually every book and paper on historical linguistics assumes a hierarchical classification.
    • Typologies are classification systems based on theoretical assumptions and constructs.
    • Like all classification systems, genre typologies are not naive, innocent or objective.
    • Wound classification should be a collaborative effort between surgeons and perioperative nurses.
    • Early debate about their classification arose from their unusual mixture of morphologic characters.
    • More importantly, this classification process enables us to begin to understand the value of our data.
    • The previous classification of wagtails clearly conflicts with the mtDNA divisions.
    • Both male and females are encouraged to play, and because of the classification process gender advantages don't exist.
    • Following correct classification of this stimulus, the next word in the list was presented.
    • Recent rapid advances in molecular systematics have shaken the fundamental bases of fungus classification.
    • No single classification scheme for bronchiolar diseases has been widely accepted.
    • Poor kids were rejected by the same classification system as well.
    • More detailed classification of platyhelminths is available from the Tree of Life at the University of Arizona.
    • Scale is one of the classification criteria used in my geological model.
    • When one looks at the classification schema, it makes sense.
    • Because of the complex diversity of savanna monkeys, many different classification schemes exist.
    • A functional classification of the banking institutions is based on their respective business activities.
    • Diagnostic codes (based on the international classification of diseases) are registered.
    • The hierarchical classification involved with physical height seems clearly to hold for many cultures.
    • Even without a complete hierarchical system for classification, metadata is useful where pure full text search fails.
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    clasificación femenino
    • The researcher records a score for the number of errors and notes the classifications and type of each.
    • After this penalty, the South African lost two places in the overall classification.
    • However, it became increasingly clear that six classifications could not fully explain the impact of class on buying behaviour.
    • The proposed new categories have parallels with the classifications which are already used for unit trusts.
    • The total score on the instrument determines security classification.
    • In whose interest does it serve to make such stark classifications?
    • Given the myriad of asset classes and fund classifications, measuring fund performance is difficult.
    • In the older population the use of classifications based on current occupation is problematic.
    • It would mean changing its existing two-tier share classifications into a single share category.
    • Traditional degree classifications could become a thing of the past after a new report declared them outdated.
    • Several classifications are used to categorize individual apple trees.
    • We also need to allow individuals and groups to determine their own identities free of bureaucratic classifications.
    • However, with four possible severity classifications, 25 % of participants would be correctly classified by random assignment.
    • You are not bound, of course, to accept the categories or classifications.
    • Such a size disparity, over two weight classifications, is not permitted under the rules.
    • And there you have the answer that makes the classifications practical, given the formal style of Chinese art.
    • These classifications are further subdivided for male and female students.
    • There is no specific list of surgical procedures with corresponding wound classifications.
    • Such classifications are required and are secular more than religious.
    • There were types and classifications of trash, and each had to be handled in its special way.
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    (of movies, games, etc)
    clasificación femenino