Traducción de claw en Español:


zarpa, n.

Pronunciación /klɔ//klɔː/


  • 1

    (of tiger, lion) zarpa femenino
    (of tiger, lion) garra femenino
    (of eagle) garra femenino
    • He was also presented with a special ceremonial stick with a real eagle's claw attached.
    • They have 5 digits, each with long and sharp claws, the third claw being especially well developed.
    • But those don't look like cat claw marks.
    • A bird's claw was gripping the end of the hilt.
    • The cat jumped to a height of two metres or more, hooked the bird with the claws of one outstretched paw and brought it crashing down to earth.
    • In mammals, alpha-keratin is found in hair, bristles, hooves, nails, and claws as well as in soft skin.
    • All digits have claws, which are not large but are very sharp.
    • Like many other rodents, all squirrels have five functional toes on the hindfeet and four on the forefeet, with a well-developed claw on each digit.
    • The limbs are only moderately long, and the feet are narrow, with four main digits and short claws.
    • He lunged at me, diving down like an eagle towards a fish in the stream, extending longer and deadlier claws than any bird of prey could boast of.
    • Yet these earlier birds did not possess claws on their wings or teeth in their beaks.
    • The Cape clawless otter derives its name from the fact that there are no claws on the digits.
    • The unguals are curved and taper to a sharp point, indicating that the digits terminated in distinct claws.
    • Stalls sold everything from dried lizards and birds' claws to spanners, nails and toothpaste.
    • Without glue, suction, or claws, these lizards scamper up walls and hang from ceilings.
    • Birds that cling to and climb the sides of trees, like woodpeckers and nuthatches, have strongly curved claws.
    • The creature's claws were as curved like scythes, and as long as long swords.
    • His tail was wrapped around the pipe to hold himself steady and his claws were curved and elongated to hold him fast.
    • Lured into a folk chemist, I ducked beneath lizard claws and snake skins, dodged the birds' feet and goat horns.
    • His hands are the same, long, clever fingers, five of them, with webbing stretched between and ending in wicked, slightly curved, claws.
  • 2

    (of crab, lobster)
    pinza femenino
    • The shop also has a wide range of seafood including tiger prawns, mussels, sea bream and breaded crab claws.
    • The smoker returned in time for the special starter of fresh crab meat with crab claws.
    • She was slightly less pleased with her crab and prawn thermidor, having expected a dish of crab claws and prawns rather than the tasty stew topped with crumble she received.
    • Add the crab claws and the remaining spring onions, stir well and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.
    • Male fiddler crabs have one claw much larger than the other, which they use to signal to each other.
    • The fiery broth is overflowing with tender calamari, a crab claw, shrimp, chunks of fish and one impeccable scallop.
    • The lamb is divine, and the feast includes crab claws, soup, homemade scones and rhubarb tart.
    • Other starters included crispy potato skins with bacon and cheddar, Caesar salad, New Zealand mussels, crab claws and chowder.
    • Top with the meat of one lobster claw and knuckle and half of one lobster tail.
    • Season the lobster claws and sauté on both sides until warmed through, about three minutes.
    • Six large white and pink peeled crab claws were placed on the plate, basted with oil that made them shiny and enticing.
    • The male fiddler crab bangs territorial warnings into the sand with its oversized claw.
    • They look like scorpions without tail or claws, and they live from animals' droppings.
    • But then Johnson saw the red claw and other characteristics of female crabs.
    • Please find attached two pictures that I took of a crab with four pincers on the one claw.
    • Before picking up a crab, we detached attached males by carefully pushing their claws off the females' terminal spines.
    • In some species, large males may use their major claw to kill smaller crabs.
    • For starters, we were unable to resist the crab claws with prawn meat stuffing - pricey at £5, but they sounded delicious.
    • We scramble between fishing rods, cameras and delicious crab claws, reluctant to sacrifice any of the three.
    • In some chelicerates, such as scorpions and some eurypterids, the pedipalps are modified into large claws.
  • 3

    (of hammer) boca sacaclavos femenino
    (of excavator) cuchara femenino
    • Mechanical diggers moved in with dinosaur-like claws, ripping away chunks of the six-storey building.
    • Somehow less alarming than that was was the deadly looking metal claw hanging from its left shoulder.
    • This he replaced with a mechanical claw plated with a non-tarnishing gold alloy.
    • They were picked up too, and brought into hangars by metal claws on strong wires.
    • It took the huge mechanical claw of a giant bulldozer just 35 minutes to crush it to a pile of dust.
    • He extended a hooked claw and jimmied the window open.
    • They resembled green humanoid lizards, except for the black bodysuits and mechanical claws.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    the cat had clawed the rug to shreds el gato había destrozado la alfombra con las uñas
    • However, they sometimes pass out or go into frenzies of tearing off their clothes and clawing at their exposed skin, until they receive medical attention by staff on duty.
    • They like to mind their own business and will only bother you when they're bored or at election time when they'll hover around the refrigerator clawing at your legs.
    • I kept on yelling, while scratching and clawing at something in my back.
    • She became hysterical: screaming, clawing at her face, pulling at her hair.
    • I recall a vivid childhood dream of being trapped in a tiny house with a werewolf clawing at the windows and doors.
    • Hours after the quake rocked central and southern Italy, rescue teams were clawing at the concrete in the search for survivors.
    • She scratched and clawed at him but he forced her into a chair and tied her hands behind her back.
    • His fingers were clawing at my arms as he tried to get away.
    • Last time I was teaching them however, I was clawing at the door by about two o'clock hoping that someone would walk past so I could grab them and run away.
    • Say your cat is clawing your couch or your dog is chewing your leather shoe.
    • She reached up to claw out his eyes, and he caught her other wrist.
    • The woman had flung herself against the locked door, clawing at the wood with her fingernails.
    • He was holding onto the thick leg of an armchair, but tiny, scratching hands were clawing at him, forcing him to loosen his grip more and more gradually.
    • It's just that all the little things that I never used to worry about are now clawing at my mind, and my heart.
    • His free hand scrabbled desperately around, and he began clawing at his attacker.
    • She should be clawing at him with her verbal jabs.
    • She pounced on the man's back, ripping and clawing away at him.
    • I'm thinking of starting a sweepstake on how long it'll be before the cats start clawing at them and bring one down.
    • They rolled around on the floor, angrily scratching and slapping and clawing at each other.
    • He follows me around, cooing and clawing at me, begging for attention.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to claw at sth
    • she clawed at his face trató de arañarle la cara
    • the cat's clawing at the door el gato está arañando la puerta
    • he clawed at the branch as he fell intentó agarrarse de la rama al caer
    • Tim started yelling about extra innings, waving the bat around and clawing at the charred beams above the furnace.
    • Every time I closed my eyes I saw that man clawing at his throat.
    • In the beginning there was darkness and fingers clawing at loose debris on the ground.
    • It was a pitiful thing to find fortunate, but at that point she would grab and claw at anything that could possibly brighten the atmosphere.
    • He threw himself back in suffocating agony and began to claw desperately at his throat.
    • He would notice that I was not clawing at him as though I wanted to devour him, but I was instead waiting patiently for the other girls to get bored with him, so he would be free to marry me on the spot.
    • But I still have that feeling of suffocation, that my lungs are clawing at the air for a breath.
    • I make angry pain noises, clawing at her unyielding fingers in agony.
    • I viciously clawed at his clothing, almost ripping his favorite shirt.
    • Her fingernails clawed at the rock, straining to keep hold against the vehement wind.
    • Gasping, clawing at the empty air, she sunk to the ground.
    • Searching, Alex frantically clawed at the strong arm that possessed her, looking for an escape amidst chaos.
    • He shut his eyes, fingers clawing at the rock below him.
    • He slowly clawed at the rope, eventually getting him out.
    • She fell to her knees gasping for air, her hands clawing at her throat.
    • In several places we each went sprawling, clawing at tufts of dead grass to stop from cartwheeling down the mountain.
    • His fingers were clawing at my arms as he tried to get away.
    • Every baby I would swaddle would end up busting out of his bundle and crying his damn little head off, limbs flailing and clawing at the air.
    • Beads of sweat formed on his brow, and he began clawing at his chest.
    • Her arms were spread and arched behind her back, her fingers clawing at the air as if she were trying to slow herself down.