Traducción de cleansing department en Español:

cleansing department

servicio de limpieza, n.



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    servicio de limpieza masculino
    • As part of the review, most members of the public said the cleansing department did a good job in the city centre, but the most urgent priority must be to improve street cleaning in residential areas.
    • On March 3 I rang the cleansing department yet again and on this occasion I was told that they could not tell me when or even if it would be emptied.
    • The ironic thing is that the regular dustbin men quite often empty it into their cart despite several phone calls to the cleansing department to correct this.
    • The council's cleansing department said: ‘We apologise if we mistakenly removed signs promoting the gala.’
    • They had council managers as witnesses who claimed the cleansing department was undermanned, underresourced and always short of men.
    • A certain amount of blame can be laid at the door of the city council's cleansing department, but with the best will in the world, the council's cleaners can't follow a step behind all those who drop litter.
    • Another resident said the council's cleansing department occasionally came to sweep the back streets, but couldn't do a thorough job due to people leaving their wheelie bins out.
    • Thanks also to the parks and cleansing departments for their help.
    • It should also be noted that all areas of the city apart from the centre were swept regularly by the corporation cleansing department with inspectors checking to see that the work was carried out in a satisfactory way.
    • Each and every time that I have telephoned the cleansing department regarding rubbish in the back streets, it has never been cleared within the specified five days.
    • Whenever the district council takes a survey to ask what local taxpayers think of its services, the bin collection - or the cleansing department as it is euphemistically known - always comes out tops.
    • I am constantly complaining to the cleansing department, which does nothing except to tell me it will be collected in 48 hours but it never is.
    • And these are only the incidents which have been reported by the public or spotted by cleansing department officers.
    • She also felt the council should employ more staff in the cleansing department to deal with the problem.
    • He said he could do little unless he actually caught children in the act, but he had contacted the council's cleansing department to get them to clean up the river.
    • I phoned the council's cleansing department to tell them what had happened.
    • Any publicity regarding the cleansing department would be best focused on the team of hard-working and almost invisible people who commit themselves to never-ending tasks that this article seemed to marginalise.
    • Someone should call the cleansing department and get that mess cleared up.
    • I have since tried to ring the cleansing department to find out what is happening, because we have no idea when the bins will be collected again.
    • These owned their own water, gas and electricity, cleansing departments, schools, libraries and housing schemes.