Traducción de clearheaded en Español:


lúcido, adj.

Pronunciación /klɪrˈhɛdəd//ˌklɪəˈhɛdɪd/


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    • A call made as a situation escalated could suggest a calm approach and a clear-headed attempt to bring in more officers and possibly avert a violent outcome.
    • It's certainly good when people are fair-minded and clear-headed enough to criticize people on their side, and we do especially respect people who act this way.
    • So being away from Hollywood kind of keeps me clear-headed and focussed into what's really important, into having a life inside of show business.
    • All three exhibits are clear-headed, well-executed and must-sees.
    • No matter how clear-headed the child is he or she still needs a little maturity to make the most critical decision of her/his life.
    • ‘We will continue to lead the country in a responsible and clear-headed way,’ he said.
    • That kind of direct, clear-headed, goal-oriented vision was needed then, just as it is needed today.
    • It's exactly the sort of clear-headed, community-minded civic action that I like to reward and encourage with my disposable income.
    • To one long-time friend, I am a very clear-headed, logical person.
    • They have to be clear-headed, alert and attentive to the other's responses.
    • Thanks again for your refreshingly clear-headed analyses.
    • A few may go off the deep end screaming about human rights, but there are others which are both clear-eyed and clear-headed while being concerned about human rights.
    • If we were a little more clear-headed, these organized disruptions could be a valuable lesson in what the political left really believes in and what kind of world they would create if they ever get the kind of power they are seeking.
    • Subsequently, he carved out a solo career as one of pop and rock's most consistently prolific and clear-headed campaigners.
    • The decision to deny aid was based on clear-headed reasoning.
    • At this time, we need considered, rational responses to the recent tragic events, and sensible, clear-headed discussion about what happens next.
    • My thanks to the many alert and obviously clear-headed readers who spotted the error and were kind enough to e-mail me.
    • Not everyone can have my cool clear-headed rational brain I guess.
    • It is clear-headed and seems entirely sincere.
    • What is shared, though, is the need to feel the government is analysing the situation in a clear-headed, accurate way and that it will come up with solutions that are just and protect all groups equally.