Traducción de clement en Español:


clemente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈklɛm(ə)nt//ˈklɛmənt/



  • 1

    (person) clemente
    • Not wanting to push her luck by asking why Angela was being so clement, she thanked her mother sweetly and left to her room to finish her homework.
    • Hundreds of Wharfedale supporters will be heading to Harrogate tomorrow hoping their nearest rivals are in clement mood.
    • To be clement is to be lenient and compassionate, or, in the case of weather, perfectly heavenly.
    • There is on him no sin, for indeed God is clement.
  • 2

    (weather) benigno
    • May, September and October are the best months; in winter, June to August, the West Coast can be more clement.
    • The spring weather turned so clement I was able to take my coat off for half an hour in the drawing-room.
    • In fact, as spring draws on the weather around Highbury seems generally clement.
    • The clement weather of late has of course helped, but the signs were there of a huge improvement long before mother nature decided to give a hand.
    • Whether we get a clean outcome to the biennial contest will depend on the more clement weather.
    • The late summer weather was so clement that the women of Le Palais even took to walking the streets in their lingerie.
    • Even now, in clement weather, I can take the heart of it outside, and I do, right to the foot of the flowers.
    • With the weathermen tentatively giving clement weather, it should be an enjoyable day for all.
    • I don't use it, despite the recently clement weather.
    • The mountain trails are fundamental to trading and pattern a working myriad of paths during the more clement months of the year.
    • Farmers are just one group taking advantage of the clement weather.
    • Ireland on St Patrick's Day is not known for its clement weather.
    • The weather, though, was clement, ‘calm as a mill pond,’ and a welcome relief after the tribulations of the passage to New Zealand.
    • In Wellington the weather was clement and the home side wanted to alter the balance of its game.
    • When we get into July they'll be coming from Dorset and Devon and with a bit of clement weather, the Scottish crop will arrive towards the end of August.
    • Ski mountaineering or touring is a popular Alpine pursuit in spring, when the weather is clement and the crevasses are mapped.
    • And, yes, some prefer the street to the disease, the occasional violence and the lack of privacy of shelters (at least in clement weather).
    • After all, not only does he have a silly nickname (the Gardener) but he also insists on wearing a white polo-neck top under his jersey, even in clement weather.
    • The area is known as Sorlandet and it's quieter and more clement than the rest of Norway.
    • Hurricanes are the fiercest natural scourge in an otherwise clement area.