Traducción de client en Español:


cliente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈklʌɪənt//ˈklaɪənt/


  • 1

    cliente masculino
    clienta femenino
  • 2

    cliente masculino
    • Should the client, the application server, or the database management system perform this processing?
    • Over the years, Lotus has provided developers with tools for quickly and easily building applications that run across networks of clients and servers.
    • The company's killer product could be the GoodInfo system, an application server for delivering the information to a wireless client.
    • In Figure 2, the user interactively queries a client application on a PDA that contains a list of stocks in a portfolio.
    • Added to this is an optional client / server application that allows a service provider to control it remotely.
    • The computers that run the applications - the clients and servers - are at the edge of the network.
    • An integrated dynamic firewall limits access to the client / server applications on a per-user basis.
    • This could be your web server, a desktop computer running a database client application, or both.
    • This indirect access enables the client program to gain access to the data in a database that it would not otherwise be able to access.
    • Users and even integrators will disagree with where lines are drawn between PCs, servers, thin clients, and workstations.