Traducción de clientele en Español:


clientela, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkliːɒnˈtɛl//ˌklaɪənˈtɛl//ˌkliənˈtɛl/


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    clientela femenino
    • We thought about moving out of the city but a lot of our clientele will travel in by public transport so we need to be easily accessible.
    • Mrs Shah, who is from Salisbury, said the main clientele would be business people and golfers but they also hope to attract families.
    • He also points out the tendency of drug dealers to create populist political movements and to play the role of traditional patrons with local clienteles.
    • The main thrust of the bylaw is to force businesses with underage clientele to place a ban on smoking.
    • The clientele is the cream of Indonesia's political and business elite, who place a premium on privacy.
    • He argued that such decisions should be left to business owners and their clientele.
    • In Hollywood, food is not the most important factor: the hot spots enjoy a brisk trade in A-list clientele.
    • She also oversees a small, select barn of clientele in her training stable.
    • There is a steady clientele who come out frequently for personal flying.
    • She offered him a premier position with an assistant, regular hours and a wealthy clientele.
    • La Scala goes for a very specific ambience: fine dining and an upscale clientele.
    • Topline Tutorials is the only private company running revision courses in Glasgow and says their clientele is mixed.
    • She received all her clients via the phone and had a regular clientele.
    • The same is true of the large clienteles who gathered at the doors of Roman nobles during customary morning salutations.
    • Pierson is unapologetic that Winter Harvest tends to serve a more upscale clientele.
    • We are all not quite in competition because we all had our own clientele.
    • The Casa Alberto clearly has a select clientele of well-known regulars.
    • Mr Carrabs was referring to Aboriginal customers, who make up about half of his clientele.
    • Time, ostensibly an upscale eatery, seems to be pretty positive about clientele dancing off their dinners.
    • This astrologer's rich clientele is a trade secret which he refuses to divulge.