Traducción de cloisonné en Español:


de cloisonné, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌklɔɪznˈeɪ//ˈklwɑːzɒneɪ//klwɑːˈzɒneɪ/


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    de cloisonné


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    cloisonné masculino
    esmalte tabicado masculino
    esmalte alveolado masculino
    • In cloisonné enamelling cells, or cloisons, are built up on a thin sheet of metal by attaching metal wire or fine strips of metal fixed edgewise.
    • The collection features fine examples of Qing dynasty enamelled porcelains, Beiijing and Canton enamels on metal, cloisonné enamels and bronzes.
    • The same is true for fine cloisonné, lacquerware and decorative metalwork.
    • It was probably used in fine techniques of cloisonné and related crafts.
    • Rising majestically over rocks and crested waves, these cloisonné dragons chase flaming pearls amid clouds in the heavens.
    • The other method, the authors tell us is the cloisonné where little compartments are created according to the design using strips of metal.