Traducción de close-grained en Español:


de grano fino, adj.

Pronunciación /kloʊsˈɡreɪnd/


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    de grano fino
    • The best wooden boards are thick, heavy, and stable and made from close-grained hardwoods like maple - but they're also rather expensive.
    • Practically all supermarket pears are pale travesties of the real thing, which have a combination of slippery, honeyed sweetness and a tight, close-grained texture of the flesh.
    • The close-grained wood resembles sugar maple but has a softer texture, is not as heavy, and has somewhat poorer machining qualities.
    • Being close-grained, ivory lends itself particularly well to low relief and engraving, but it has also been used successfully for statuettes in the round, whose compositions are often dictated by the curve of the tusk itself.
    • Carya illinoensis has close-grained, hard wood that is pale reddish-brown with occasional dark streaks.
    • Beech and particularly the close-grained sycamore seem to have been the most usual choices for painted boxes and other small objects.