Traducción de clubland en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈklʌbland//ˈkləbˌlænd/



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    zona de bares y discotecas femenino
    zona de marcha femenino España coloquial
    • It will be located in the heart of the city's clubland, as phase two of the rejuvenation plans for that area.
    • Trained as a doorman to national standards, he is teaching the actors restraining techniques and telling clubland anecdotes to familiarise them with a bouncer's world.
    • As I leave the reading and venture out into clubland, the question haunts me.
    • As its founder explains, ‘The festival's a true representation of what's going on in clubland.’
    • There are a number of non-disco-oriented things happening in clubland.
    • How do you feel about clubland and the dance music industry at the moment - anything you would change?
    • One resident wrote: ‘This is a residential village, not clubland.’
    • Just four years after the council leader criticised police for allowing ‘rampant lawlessness’ to grip the city's clubland, they are now the envy of the rest of the country.
    • The car ‘glides across Piccadilly’, turns left, and then left again down St James's Street, through London's clubland.
    • Having moved to London just in time to embrace its vibrant 1980s clubland scene, he now devotes his time to writing comedy sketches and radio plays as well as his artwork.
    • We can now witness the wild world of early '80s London clubland in full-blown audiovisual glory.
    • Yet James Bond is no clubland hero: he is too much of a loner and not entirely a gentleman.
    • His clubland background also guarantees a cutting edge soundtrack for the bar.
    • When he sings Bedsitter, the timeless tale of clubland alienation, generations cheer in empathy.
    • What happens next is probably not untypical for many clubland acts who have their dreams shattered.
    • A story runs that on a rare excursion to clubland recently, a non-footballing companion discovered that he would fall foul of a dance hall's dress code, having failed to sport a tie.
    • This eight-floor entertainment complex, which opened last October, holds 2500 people at a prestigious address in the heart of clubland London.
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    (world of nightclubs)
    vida nocturna femenino
    marcha femenino España coloquial