Traducción de clumpy en Español:


tosco y pesado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈklʌmpi//ˈkləmpi/



  • 1

    (clumsy, awkward)
    (boots/furniture) tosco y pesado
    • And those clumpy high-heeled lace-up shoes that Jasmine used to wear.
    • Even in the cabaret shows you will see the girls in huge clumpy shoes and boots.
    • In his new book, under his signature, he draws me a shoe - a big, clumpy one.
    • Also, my dress is quite fitted and the tips of the shoes will poke out, so they can't be too clumpy.
    • She was a gauche tomboy from the projects, in clumpy boots and combats.
    • Her black skirt came only to her knee, and her big clumpy shoes kept slipping off her little feet.
    • The girls share an awkward, boxy physical presence, highlighted by their penchant for vintage clothes and clompy boots.
    • A really comfy fit, these aren't as clumpy and stiff as a lot of skate shoes - enabling better movement on the board.
    • Residents with wooden floors should wear slippers inside, as the noise of high heels and clumpy shoes may annoy other residents
    • The clumping was due to the fact that she was wearing her older brother's old boots, which fit her perfectly but were made for a man and were thus… clumpy.
    • He was wearing clumpy blue and black trainers.
  • 2

    (soil) aterronado