Traducción de clunky en Español:


anticuado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkləŋki//ˈklʌŋki/


  • 1

    (out of date)
    • It's just feelings and emotions and sometimes they come out awkward and clunky, but that's the beauty of it.
    • The old, noisy fans and ancient clunky light switches are gone.
    • I have to learn this old-fashioned clunky hardware.
    • Their slow acoustic strumming and clunky drumming are answered by sort piano crashes.
    • It is a sign of how quickly technology can evolve that those desktops, once the sign of individual liberation, now seem somewhat clunky themselves.
    • The telephones are clunky, the colors are brown, the cars are funky jalopies.
    • Installed on a laptop, it takes the place of many pieces of antiquated and clunky video gear that were formerly needed to ensure high quality video recording.
    • All of the systems more or less worked, but they were all slow, clunky, and had major usability issues.
    • The north park is home to a couple of tiny ponds, traversed by bridges festooned with clunky metal turtles designed by a local artist.
    • This one has bits of glorious writing, but it's a bit heavy-handed and clunky over all.
    • Surprisingly, the only weak section is the clunky introduction, which is more speculative and not as strongly written as the rest.
    • A lot of old advertising - still or moving - just looks clunky or kitsch as the years roll by.
    • It reflected the state of the rest of the cruiser - outdated equipment panels, clunky machinery and a thick layer of dust over half the surfaces.
    • Some of the dialogue is clunky and dated, perhaps, and some of the plots just plain don't work, but apart from some poorly reproduced art, these collections would be cheap at twice the price.
    • There are some really clunky recording devices.
    • They have created a keyboard that's clunky, loud and heavy.
    • Whereas it seems everyone else carries the cute, stylish phones, she seems to be dragging along with clunky looking models.
    • In fact, with its old-fashioned approach to animation, it looks clunky in comparison to some of its competitors.
    • The author seems unsure whether he is writing a thriller or a satire and, with his clunky prose and rudimentary plot, ends up doing neither.
    • Which is a pity, considering how horrid, clunky and dated they all are.
  • 2

    (clumsy, awkward)
    tosco y pesado
    • Once spring and summer come to town, you need to swap your clunky boots and thick winter shoes and replace them with lighter, more breathable footwear.
    • I showered quickly and put on a pair of short khaki cargo shorts and a green halter-top and slid on a pair of clunky sandals.
    • I pulled out clunky black shoes that had a bit of a heel.
    • Clogs are heavy, clunky, and fall off under duress.
    • He wore sort of clunky shoes and a brown corduroy jacket.
    • We went to some dress shop to pick out a navy, simply cut blue dress and a pair of clunky sandals.
    • I should buy a cheap pair of clunky snow boots rather than these beauties.
    • I kept running despite my clunky boots and plaid skirt.
    • She was dressed in all black, from her clunky boots to her sheer shirt with a camisole under it.
    • As if on cue he bounded down the stairs, nearly tripping over the clunky shoes I'd bought him for Christmas.
    • There was a click as his bedroom door opened and he strode into the room, wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt, some clunky boots and a black handkerchief used as a headband.
    • She dropped the bag in front of their dorm room, opened the door, and sent the bag inside with a hard kick from her clunky shoes.
    • For her first day of school, she was wearing a short, plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, a black tank top under a see-through black shirt, and clunky black shoes.
    • She plays a pregnant girl training to become a mechanic, and the clunky boots she's wearing today are being broken in for the shoot.
    • She walked down the steps in dark blue flares, clunky black shoes, and her friend's shirt.
    • I could easily get away with wearing some clunky shoes and hair wouldn't be a problem whatsoever.