Traducción de cluster en Español:


grupo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkləstər//ˈklʌstə/


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    (of people, buildings) grupo masculino
    (of berries, bananas) racimo masculino
    (of stars) grupo masculino
    (of plants) macizo masculino
    • This deciduous upright, open shrub has glossy, bright green leaves and short clusters of fragrant, clove-scented golden yellow flowers from mid spring onwards.
    • Two vast cavities extend away from the super massive black hole in the cluster's central galaxy.
    • An excellent example is the cosmological problem, since it contains scales of interest ranging from that of a single star to that of a large cluster of galaxies.
    • Botrytis bunch rot is especially severe in grape cultivars with tight, closely packed clusters of fruit.
    • Caroline also compiled catalogs of star clusters and nebulae.
    • Among the many mysteries in the universe is the dark matter in galaxies and clusters.
    • This shrub bears clusters of white flowers in the spring.
    • These large dark clouds may eventually evaporate or, if there are sufficiently dense condensations within them, give birth to small star clusters.
    • We know what matter looks like today because we see galaxies, galaxy clusters, and galaxy superclusters.
    • The nashi grow in tight clusters of 8-10 fruits, and each cluster needs to be carefully dismantled and the fruits clipped off one at a time, then carefully packed.
    • The flowers are borne in large clusters of 15 to 24 units, with each unit maturing at different times although flowering during the same season.
    • The most easily visible part of galaxy clusters, i.e. the stars in all the galaxies, make up only a small fraction of the total of what makes up the cluster.
    • There is a higher proportion of elliptical and fast-rotating spiral galaxies in dense clusters than in small groups.
    • Berries start off green, closely resembling a small gooseberry, and hang firmly in clusters of three to five.
    • White lights entwined with silver ribbon draped the window sills, door frames, and banister, bunched with clusters of holly and mistletoe.
    • We sometimes use the word nebula to refer to galaxies, various types of star clusters, and various kinds of interstellar dust or gas clouds.
    • Astronomical observations have confirmed more or less beyond doubt that stars, galaxies and clusters of super galaxies are receding from the earth and from one another.
    • Javion picked a beautiful purple flower from a small cluster of flowers, and offered it to me.
    • She rushed over to his cluster of trees, gripping one as she lurched forward, racing with her eyes to see what was the source.
    • Astronomers may see meteors produced by the annual Perseid shower, before pointing their telescopes at distant galaxies and star clusters.
    • Whole bunches or clusters of grapes are deliberately placed, with care to ensure that the berries are not broken, in an anaerobic atmosphere, generally obtained by using carbon dioxide to exclude oxygen.
    • Many environmental factors may stimulate cluster root formation.
    • At the top of the stems there are tightly packed bracts of rich blues and purples surrounding clusters of purple-blue flowers in late spring and summer.
    • It is these adult shoots that produce the flowers and berries - clusters of tiny, nectar rich blossoms, followed by round, blue-black, yellow or orange fruits.
    • Galaxies often congregate to form clusters of galaxies.
    • ‘For novices, I would say that the easiest way to form the wreath is by simply poking the clusters of greenery into the bound hay, newspaper or moss,’ says Elaine.
    • Small flowers in large, dense clusters are produced only in spring.
    • Blooms appeared in long clusters of densely packed white flowers.
    • Astronomers have long exploited this correlation between age and color to study the ages of stellar populations in star clusters and galaxies.
    • A team of European astronomers, including several from the UK, have uncovered a super star cluster in our own Galaxy, the Milky Way.
    • A double star cluster in a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is pictured above.
    • The deer continues moving past the cluster of grapevines I'm hiding in and now I can see her clearly.
    • Two of the squad, perhaps more accustomed to the city environment than jogging about in the sticks, got a little freaked out by the clusters of trees, and were separated from the main party.
    • There exists a well-defined population of material aggregates in the Universe - planets, stars, galaxies, and clusters.
    • Studies of two distant galaxy clusters have found that galaxies formed relatively early in the history of the Universe.
    • By the end of that process, matter could move and coalesce on its own, forming planets and stars, as well as galaxies, clusters, and superclusters.
    • They're searching for superdistant, ancient protogalaxies lurking behind huge clusters of galaxies closer to Earth.
    • They are very hardy and produce large clusters of small flowers.
    • The centre of our galaxy lies within a cluster of stars in the constellation Sagittarius.
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    grupo masculino
    consonant cluster grupo consonántico
    • The present orthographic system was introduced in the fourteenth century by the religious reformer Jan Hus, who instituted a system of diacritical markings to eliminate consonant clusters.
    • Thus, our strong emphasis on onset clusters succeeded in inducing a small but reliable transfer effect.
    • I believe that the programme allows up to 9 consonants in a cluster, but only word-internally.
    • The software was unaware of complex character clusters associated with consonant/vowel modifiers in Indian languages.
    • This paper examines one aspect of second language syllable structure, syllable-final clusters, in the English of a Vietnamese L1 speaker.
    • Consonants regularly occur in strings or clusters without intervening vowels: initially, as in stain and strip, finally, as in fetch and twelfth, medially, as in dodging.
    • Let's say you're in a language that uses schwa to break up consonant clusters, but nowhere else.
    • … if one chooses the Latin, French, or Italian language, since German is much more difficult because of its many closed syllables and consonant clusters.
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    grupo de terminales masculino

verbo intransitivo

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    to cluster around sth/sb apiñarse / agruparse alrededor de / en torno a algo/algn
    • The crowd clustered round the sandy square was yelling encouragement at the players, who frowned in concentration in the fading light.
    • Hordes of excited children clustered around the working model of a mountain railway system with trains criss-crossing with intricate precision.
    • Fire trucks clustered around the scene and the ground was covered with mounds of white, fire-retardant foam.
    • Several other decisions were made within the first hour as journalists clustered round the newsroom television sets.
    • Teenagers clustered around in groups, chattering excitedly or busy text messaging family to pass on the news before rushing off to celebrate in the sun, although it was not all joy.
    • But they don't live alone, they cluster together in tight-knit communities and range out along the verges and in warm spots under hedges and at the edge of copses and thickets.
    • Inside the home, the girl and her brothers clustered around the mother.
    • The five of us spent the next few hours clustered around the pool table.
    • Defensive, impenetrable, they cluster together for security, and perhaps that is part of the artist's intention.
    • Other young women in headscarves clustered around her, their eyes blazing too.
    • I was in my car and heading out of the driveway yesterday when I noticed the pigeons clustered around outside the second story window of the barn.
    • There is a lack of social services in neighborhoods where families with the most needs cluster together
    • Guests, many with sons and daughters in the U.S., clustered round the TV.
    • We clustered around the few desks with radios; some went back to their desks, tried to work, tried to bring up the Internet, and returned to the radio.
    • Most people cluster on the peaks of mountains and build their houses on stilts, hoping to keep their youth as long as possible.
    • The cars of the migrants crawl west by day, and cluster together beside the roads by night.
    • Five kids cluster around her, asking her to fill in the yellow certificate showing they've put in their time.
    • We got back to find a huge crowd of people clustered around his desk whispering and giggling.
    • A bunch of small children had clustered around it - it was the only one on the street.
    • Inevitably, most of the early morning shoppers clustered around the road, trying to get a look at what was going on.
    • In a knowledge economy, smart people tend to cluster together.

verbo transitivo

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    all the hotels are clustered around the station todos los hoteles están agrupados / concentrados alrededor de la estación