Traducción de co-locate en Español:


Pronunciación /koʊˈloʊkeɪt/

verbo intransitivo

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    to be co-located (with) estar coubicado (con)
    • Lipnack and Stamps have argued that strong mission statements are needed to manage work groups that are not co-located.
    • For the past 25 years, E - 3 AWACS aircraft and its flight crew training program have been co-located within the 552nd Air Control Wing at Tinker AFB.
    • The police administrative support unit in Scarborough and the town's CPS office are to be co-located into Scarborough police station in January 2003 to serve the Scarborough, Whitby and Pickering courts.
    • The bid is phased over six to eight years, and involves rebuilding 13 secondary schools and new special schools, co-located on existing sites.
    • The Coast Guard's Heavy Weather Training School offers a demanding two-week course at the National Motor Lifeboat School, which is co-located with the station.
    • There are several plans for the development of coal-fired power plants co-located with large mines.
    • In May 2005, it will open a processing plant and refinery co-located with the transportation facility.
    • As costs drop for both wide-area bandwidth and storage, most companies looking to protect critical data can justify a standby server hosted at another company location or co-located at an ISP, VAR, or other service provider.
    • It is essential that we should be co-located with Great Western Hospital.
    • The process is greatly helped and made safer if key departments are co-located.
    • With respect to this, I am particularly interested in the development of technology to be situated in a public space, where users (and possible collaborators), information resources, cultural artefacts are co-located.
    • There really may be two boundaries, one belonging to A and one belonging to B, and these two boundaries would be co-located - that is, they would coincide spatially without overlapping mereologically.
    • Last year it awarded the Indira Gandhi Open University 40 frequencies co-located with the private FM transmission frequencies awarded earlier.
    • Lynch said his facility is the only one co-located with an ammunition supply area.
    • And it is now being recommended that the new proposed special primary schools, which will be co-located on mainstream sites, will care for children aged two to 11.
    • There would be an offer of financial assistance for the move, or residents could opt to be co-located with their existing neighbours.
    • Alternatively, the resulting visual pigment may be co-located with another visual pigment in a single photoreceptor, but in such a reduced amount as to not be detected by MSP.
    • Terrorist operatives are hard to find because they are generally few in number, mostly inactive and concealed, and tend to be co-located with civilians.
    • Wireless networks have been used in contingency planning for years now as the possibility that co-located, wired connections to remote data centers could be knocked out by the same event.
    • If the plans go ahead all the special schools in Bolton will have been co-located with a mainstream school.