Traducción de coagulate en Español:


coagularse, v.

Pronunciación /koʊˈæɡjəˌleɪt//kəʊˈaɡjʊleɪt/

verbo intransitivo

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    (blood) coagularse
    (milk/sauce) cuajar
    • After blood collection, the blood samples were left to coagulate in room temperature for at least 1 hour.
    • In his delirium he thought it'd help coagulate the blood.
    • If bleeding occurs then the flat surface of the blade is applied with minimal pressure to coagulate the bleeding vessel.
    • Get enough vitamin K. Vitamin K helps blood coagulate.
    • Blood's tendency to coagulate upon contact with foreign objects creates a special challenge for manufacturers of devices used in such procedures as open-heart surgery, dialysis, and catheter insertion.
    • The largest work, the factory building, had a copper tube in a notch at the bottom of the frame from which amber oil had poured down the wall into a trough, where it had coagulated and darkened.
    • In addition, as an ingredient in junket, it helps coagulate cheese as well and is considered a thickening agent for many other foods.
    • Soya milk is extracted from soya beans, then the proteins in the milk coagulate, creating curds and whey.
    • It is a fresh Italian cheese made from cream coagulated by citric or tartaric acid, and therefore a kind of cream cheese.
    • Her blood had coagulated on the front of his fancy jacket, staining it in scarlet bands.
    • Transfusing blood from a donor whose blood did not match the blood group of the recipient resulted in blood coagulating in a patient's veins, which caused death.
    • Within these expanded veins, blood is allowed to stagnate and coagulate, forming clots on the vessel walls.
    • No longer being pumped around her circulatory system, blood has pooled and coagulated in these areas.
    • Blundell also performed experiments on the length of time that it took for blood to coagulate in his transfusion method, which used a receiving cup and a syringe.
    • The ultrasonic waves travel to the tip of the blade where maximum motion occurs, cutting and coagulating tissue simultaneously.
    • Blood is pumped by a muscular pharynx and the salivary glands produce an anticoagulant that allows long periods of feeding without the host blood coagulating.
    • Milk is coagulated and the whey is squeezed out of the curd, which becomes the cheese.
    • Beating the whites with an acid, like cream of tartar or vinegar, helps coagulate the egg-white protein.
    • These elements become trapped into the protein matrix as it coagulates within the tubule.
    • In this case not only the fat but some of the protein has separated, and the protein has begun to coagulate into a solid that cannot be liquefied again.
    • By early October,his lack of white blood cells to coagulate the blood had caused the linings of every organ to fall away.
    • It first was used to coagulate retinal hemorrhages.
    • Peering into the kitchen, they saw the cooking fire, still smouldering, with its cauldron of soup, coagulated and cold.
    • And cooler blood does not coagulate to seal internal wounds quickly.
    • Blood taken from a donor will tend to coagulate rapidly unless it is mixed with an anticoagulant.
    • During the operation a haemorrhage occurred and he applied the laser to the area of bleeding in an attempt to coagulate the vessel.
    • As the enzymes drive acidification and also coagulate the milk, cheese flavor begins naturally developing.
    • Blood had coagulated into large crusty masses.
    • The new park will be a further draw for the dense, coagulated soup of tourists the area attracts (especially if the nearby ‘South Bank Beach’ ever emerges from the Thames and the red tape).
    • The surgeon coagulates any superficial bleeding vessels with bipolar electrosurgery.
    • They spit saliva into your bloodstream to stop the blood coagulating and keep it flowing.
    • The initial surgical use of thermal delivery systems, including radiofrequency energy, was to cut and coagulate tissues.
    • All patients receive the same dose the first few days, then the dosage is determined by a test of the capacity of the blood to coagulate.
    • Tofu, essentially coagulated soya milk, is a good source of protein, and may also contain useful quantities of nutrients such as iron, calcium and some B vitamins.
    • The general principle is that if there's something torn or painful in the disc, devices can be used to seal the torn bit, or to coagulate the tiny nerves that are detecting the damage in the disc.
    • The process coagulates the body's proteins, raising major pollution concerns among eco-burial advocates.
    • Keeping the wine longer, for up to three days, at about 50°C / 122°F is used to coagulate heat-unstable proteins and to speed ageing in low-quality red dessert wines.
    • But in cirrhosis, urine did not coagulate with heat, and kidneys were usually normal.
    • Soft cheeses are often coagulated using rennet, a natural enzyme, rather than with microorganisms.

verbo transitivo

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    (blood) coagular
    (milk/sauce) cuajar