Traducción de coal scuttle en Español:

coal scuttle

cubo del carbón, n.

Pronunciación ////


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    cubo del carbón masculino
    • But kids had much fun fighting over who was to wash-up, change napkins, make beds, peel spuds, run errands, chop firewood, fill the coal scuttle, and black lead the grate.
    • In the front room is a scattering of copper bowls of various sizes, copper coal scuttles, metal templates and copper sheets.
    • The document listed coal scuttles, pokers, grates, and fenders, but only one set of andirons.
    • Glad to read you won't have to fight with the coal scuttle anymore.
    • Naturally it has the heritage decor that comes with the genre: dark wood, theatrical red, brazenly swirly carpets, brass coal scuttles and Quality Street faux Victoriana prints.