Traducción de cobblestone en Español:


adoquín, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑbəlˌstoʊn//ˈkɒb(ə)lstəʊn/


  • 1

    adoquín masculino
    • It's the place to go if you like your cityscape to be a mix of Colonial-era cobblestones and even older trees.
    • Hundreds of feet clopped against the cobblestones of the road, adding the gentle clip-clop to the swelling voices.
    • No one knows exactly which streets still have cobblestones beneath the asphalt.
    • It's either twilight or pre-dawn, with cobblestones and architecture hinting at a European setting.
    • Nevertheless, before I knew what I was doing, I was scrambling down the ladder and running over the cobblestones of the road.
    • Angry householders have claimed the historic look of their community is being ruined by the removal of cobblestones.
    • They are set in an open plaza of cobblestones and pine trees.
    • We used to walk together kicking the cobblestones in the shanty town.
    • He never complained, except when he occasionally slipped on muddy cobblestones.
    • Below the little cobblestones were as rounded as new loaves of bread.
    • The market square is surrounded by an ancient collar of cobblestones.
    • Children played soccer on the cobblestones and roaming dogs barked at our rickshaw and ran after it.
    • In the yellow light the cobblestones gleam and the air is damp and yeasty.
    • The walls shone with rainwater trailing through the grime and the ground was thick with mud between the uneven cobblestones.
    • She recalls market vendors rattling carts along the cobblestones beneath her window, en route to the Campo de Fiori market.
    • It was all cobblestones and houses up on high with slate shingles and ivy crawling all over the place.
    • The pounding of boots on cobblestones grew fainter and fainter.
    • The women navigate cobblestones and broken pavements on stilettos without breaking stride.
    • One police officer sustained a blow to the head from a large cobblestone.
    • The going was tough indeed, I slammed on the anchors, skidded on the cobblestones and nearly went into the back of a horse box.