Traducción de cocktail stick en Español:

cocktail stick

palillo, n.


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    palillo masculino
    mondadientes masculino
    escarbadientes masculino
    • Serve flat on a plate or skewered on a cocktail stick.
    • Garnish with a cherry tomato on a cocktail stick and 2 thin-cut strips of fresh basil.
    • The starting materials could not be simpler; a length of 5 / 16th inch diameter balsa dowel and a wooden cocktail stick.
    • She was fiddling with her cocktail stick now, too.
    • Some even offered free samples to get me hooked, kind of like those people in supermarkets with tiny bits of pizza on cocktail sticks.
    • Each item was skewered on a cocktail stick and laid like sun rays around the plate.
    • Test to see they are ready by inserting a wooden cocktail stick into the centre of a cake; it should come out clean.
    • It's amazing how versatile a tool a cocktail stick can be.
    • My favorite is gin, with a dash of dry vermouth topped with stuffed green olives on a cocktail stick.
    • Put a small stick through the centre (a used matchstick or a cocktail stick) so that it can spin easily and falls on one of the sides at random.
    • To make it harder, use a drinking straw and a cocktail stick.
    • Skewer a set of olives onto a cocktail stick with the lemon peel twisted in between.
    • Our next workshop is on framing pictures with cocktail sticks, and you don't get much cheaper than that.
    • Nowadays, there are restaurants galore and more bars than you can shake a cocktail stick at.
    • I smiled at the so wonderfully traditional foods: mini sausage rolls, pickled onions on cocktail sticks, little triangular sandwiches, a cheese house.
    • Thread a cocktail stick with a nugget of chicken then a slice of onion, another nugget, another onion and finally finish with a piece of chicken.
    • Place a half-slice of prosciutto on each escalope, put a sage leaf on top and fasten with a cocktail stick.
    • In the first close-up shot, he only has one green olive on the cocktail stick.
    • A heron glides over the rooftops, its legs sticking out behind like two cocktail sticks.
    • Jack swung his legs beneath the table and continued to twist the cocktail stick protruding from the glass.