Traducción de codicil en Español:


codicilo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɒdɪsɪl//ˈkəʊdɪsɪl//ˈkɑdəˌsəl/


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    codicilo masculino
    • The suggested donation level is £65 for a single will, £95 for a pair of wills or £35 for a codicil to an existing will.
    • He left the sum of nine hundred and fifty thousand Pounds Sterling to you in the codicil and last testament to his will.
    • A codicil in the will states that the coach's cremated remains are to be placed in the handle of a curling rock.
    • The thought that Alexander would have included a codicil in his will and yet not have spelled out the order of inheritance is absurd.
    • The delay is probably due to the time it takes teams of lawyers to scan the codicils and calculate the consequences, and the accountants to hazard the costs of options.
    • Some beneficiaries named in the original will of July 14th 2000 were cut out in any of three codicils subsequently added.
    • An unwitnessed codicil to his will stipulated that they should return to Dublin if a permanent home were allocated to them.
    • The Deputy Judge was not prepared to reveal the names of the two witnesses to his codicil when it was executed on 12th November.
    • He three times drafted a codicil and read it to the testator.
    • I am seriously thinking however that I ought to add a codicil to my will that all my papers should be incinerated after my demise.
    • Frustrated at his treatment by London, he wrote in a codicil to his will that the paintings should go to Dublin after his death.
    • A solicitor can easily structure this into the will when it is drafted, or as a codicil to the will.
    • His will, dated 11 July 1737, with codicils of 15 and 16 July of the same year, contains the following references to the salt.
    • If you decide to hire a different lawyer, it may be necessary to prepare codicils to your wills, or the other lawyer may need to write new wills altogether.
    • If you don't feel comfortable writing a codicil, you should ask a lawyer to help.
    • There is no doubt the initial fault lies with the testator and the wording of his codicil.
    • The suspicion grows that the codicil attached to Sir John's will was forged by his former wife, still living at the farm.
    • Having had a premonition of the disaster, Lane added a codicil to his will shortly before the voyage, leaving his Impressionist collection to London.
    • But I plan to write a codicil into my will exonerating the poor man, and letting the world know that I did it all by myself.
    • Ryan explains the codicil in Alex's will and tries to make Bianca understand that the money is supposed to go to someone else.