Traducción de coexist en Español:


coexistir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌkəʊɪɡˈzɪst//ˌkoʊəɡˈzɪst/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to coexist with sb/sth coexistir / convivir con algn/algo
    • At first trams and trolley buses coexisted in a certain harmony, because each of the lines used one system exclusively.
    • This is likely to be a logistical problem in areas where diarrhoea is common and coexists with cholera.
    • The company says the wind farm would coexist with existing agricultural practices supporting farm diversification.
    • These trees evolved to coexist with regular fires, but today's larger fires pose a mortal threat to them.
    • Nobody has convincingly explained how the birds, bees, flowers and hares of the uplands can coexist with a new influx of humans.
    • And the new economy is here to stay and will coexist with the old one.
    • Amazon plants, evergreen pines, basil and other strange flora coexisted in perfect harmony.
    • She figured out a way that pillbugs could harmlessly coexist with a garden's plants.
    • Governments cannot coexist with forces that are hell bent on their destruction.
    • The low nutrient availability may allow stress-tolerant species to coexist with more ruderal species.
    • By adopting a muted form of cultural relativism, the scientific establishment seeks to coexist with other points of view.
    • Some employees and students reported that feelings of sadness and hurt coexist with anger.
    • Traditional musical genres coexist with music performed by modern village orchestras.
    • Canal operators are finding new ways to do their maintenance work that could coexist with canal redevelopment.
    • Modern Western medical practices coexist with traditional healing methods and the use of medicinal plants.
    • This applies to all of us who try to coexist with animals.
    • Here the rural and the urban seem to coexist in a certain harmony.
    • Cancer can coexist with benign lesions, so complete assessment is necessary.
    • Seeds at different developmental stages coexist at the same time on the plant, and even in a single inflorescence.
    • I still cling to the idea that people are part of nature, and there must be some way we can coexist with the rest of it.