Traducción de coil en Español:


rollo, n.

Pronunciación /kɔɪl//kɔɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(series of loops)

      (of rope, wire, cable) rollo masculino
      (of smoke) espiral femenino
      (of smoke) volutas femenino
      (of hair) moño masculino
      (of hair) chongo masculino México
      (of hair) rodete masculino Río de la Plata
      the snake wound itself into a coil la serpiente se enrolló / se enroscó
      • Raven talking is a rare event, and so you have to play the game wondering things like, ‘Is that thing on the floor a coil of rope or a snake?’
      • He released the coil of hair so it sprang into a curl.
      • In the far corner of the room was a coil of thick rope.
      • I had yet to tie together a thousand feet of rope, but hoping that I might be able to momentarily, I tied one end of the rope to a large iron stanchion and hooked the massive coil of line over the polished oak rail.
      • He insisted on wearing both items all day and so I had to help him fasten the coil of whip to his belt loop because he couldn't figure out how to make it stay.
      • They were carrying a long coil of rope, and were saying something in sign language that was probably equivalent to ‘Grab the rope and tie it to something,’
      • In his dry suit with the tool kit, hammer, stakes, and a coil of yellow nylon line, he looks like some oversized cartoon character, good or evil, Jimmy's not sure which.
      • Hogan is best known for his polychromatic relief paintings made by pouring Rhoplex over concentric coils of rope laid out in geometric patterns.
      • Madden waited for several minutes and watched the coil of rope slowly play out as the two children descended deeper into the bowels of Morecook's cabinet fastness.
      • Levitan had a heavy coil of climbing rope strapped to his green pack.
      • With a lit coil around, the mosquitoes begin coughing and either stay away or soon die.
      • The use of mosquito repellents, especially coils, mats and liquids, apparently will have harmful effects on the health.
      • ‘We're following the ancient Cinnamon Route,’ he says proudly, seated atop a coil of rope in the ship's bow as it skims across the Java Sea.
      • The cup-shaped vessel specially made to keep the lighted mosquito repellent coil, candle stand and small teacups are among the attractions.
      • ‘For villagers who can not afford to purchase a mosquito net or coils, Jatrohpa is the answer to their cry,’ said Munengu.
      • The woman pushed back the sagging coil of her hair and pulled the receiver out of the girl's hand.
      • The first thing I had to do was photograph the interior of my bungalow before the air got hazy with the smoke from the smouldering mosquito-repellent coils.
      • The weighing scales took pride of place on the counter and I was keenly interested on the large coil of twine and stack of brown paper which were used to keep everyone's messages together.
      • They would have a coil of fake pearls that would be wound around their curls.
      • Another way to maintain necessary contact time is to run the chlorinated water through a coil of pipe.
      • The rest of the room was littered with people, variously scattered on old wooden reels that once were the core of a coil of industrial cable, or on long wooden benches, or propped against the walls.
      • Dia now also oversees the mother of all earthworks, Spiral Jetty, a great coil of rocks built by Robert Smithson into the Great Salt Lake in Utah in 1970.
      • Scientists this week finished removing sediment from the ballast tanks of the sub after recovering a coil of waterlogged rope.
      • They wrapped themselves in Maliphant's movement as if it were an endless coil of cloth, one that let them melt or grapple or build precarious lifts without ever interrupting the flow of the material.
      • Her hair was black, gleaming and pulled back severely - almost ruthlessly - into a twisted coil of tight loops at the base of her neck.

    • 1.2(single loop)

      lazada femenino
      vuelta femenino
      one coil of the rope had fallen loose se había soltado una lazada / vuelta de cuerda
      • Her bleached blonde hair is dragged up into neat golden coils of plaiting, like a sleeping snake on her head.
      • Mike gripped the snake's coils and began to peel it from around the woman's arm.
      • Scurry washed and blow-dried the model's natural hair, then wrapped individual pieces around a small-barrel curling iron to set coils.
      • Seti's black eyes lit up, and several tentacles were instantly flung around Indigo's torso and chest, constricting like snake coils.
      • She then wrapped pieces around medium- and small-barrel curling irons to set coils.
      • Wolfus struggled to reach for his sword, and slashed off the coils with a single swipe.
      • Merely uncoil the roll of mesh so there are 3 feet or so between each coil.
      • He watched as the coil rose above their heads, and then he tried to pry the snake away as it began to tighten its coils around them.
      • It tightens the coils by contracting the individual muscles between its ribs and so prevents the prey from moving.
      • In one variant of the receiver, the coils are collinear and are wound about cores that are mounted in pairs of diametrically opposed apertures in the housing of the probe.
      • After death, tangled loops and coils of a fibre-like material of beta-amyloid protein, can be observed in brain tissue.
      • They can be corrected by surgery or by radiologic placement of coils in the dilated veins.
      • One end of the clay cord was formed into a loop and fastened with a smaller coil of clay wrapped around it.
      • Then, I saw the smoke of the incense rise in a spiral, just like the coils of a snake, you know.
      • In its place, the diesel unwreathed coils of black smoke over a typical, hard-worked Kerala landscape of coconuts and rice paddies broken occasionally by broad sluggish rivers and clattering bridges.
      • The two sisters both rested their hands on the coils of the great snake and stroked it gently as others would stroke a sleeping cat.
      • I nipped one coil off the trigger return spring.
      • Successful right bronchial artery embolization was performed with coils.

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    • 2.1induction coilElectricidad

      bobina (de inducción) femenino
      • Thus, the induced voltage in the coil generated by any outer magnetic field is controlled to reduce noise.
      • A second capacitor coil is inductively coupled to the control inductor, and is to be connected to the capacitor to provide a second resonant sub-circuit to control resonant gain.
      • In particular the area where the power supply components are located looks different: the number and location of capacitors, coils and the transistors around the CPU socket has been changed.
      • It works by moving a magnet through a coil of wire and produces a alternating current which must then be rectified by the use of diodes.
      • Dirty filters, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the system.
      • It relied on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and consisted of an insulated coil of copper wire connected to a large electrical capacitance.
      • Around the magnet is an electrical coil attached to the floating buoy.
      • Short bursts of electrical current are send through a coil of wire, causing a magnetic field.
      • The sample magnetization can be measured through the induction of a voltage signal in a coil surrounding the sample after its manipulation by an appropriate combination of radio-frequency pulses.
      • Should the deformation lead to the decrease in the coil's inductance, the energy of the magnetic field will increase.
      • The pickup's magnetic field is disturbed when iron or steel moves through it; this disturbance generates A / C voltage in the coil.
      • Electricity is produced when coils of wire inside the generator create a pulse as they move through a magnetic field, Sagrillo said.
      • In the article it said the engine has eight coils and dual plugs.
      • The three-channel CPU voltage regulator uses original inductance coils in a casing and capacitors from OST and Nippon Chemi-Con.
      • These currents are induced by the rapidly changing magnetic field generated by a coil supplied with an alternating current.
      • Changing levels of current in the wires of an electric coil wrapped around a magnetic generate fluctuations in the magnetic field.
      • If you vary the size of the two inductors - the number of loops in each coil - you can boost voltage from the primary to the secondary.
      • Motor control of a variable reluctance motor is obtained by providing a periodic voltage waveform to a coil of a motor.
      • A high-density coil transforms the magnetic charge generated by the rotor into electrical energy that powers the watch.
      • When Tri-Tech won a contract to manufacture encapsulated coils for valves on buses powered by natural gas, it knew the components would require superior protection against the elements.
      • This voltage in the feedback coil conducts current to the transistor base, making the transistor conductive again, and the process repeats.
      • This gear rotates coils of wire within a magnetic field inside the generator, creating electricity.
      • Solenoids also supply voltage to the glow coil and are part of the electrical loop.
      • He had learned that an inductance coil was a closed circuit with no current of its own.
      • Some vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the coil whenever replacing ignition wires, to avoid the higher resistance in new wires from damaging the ignition module.
      • After a quick and jovial discussion about the problem he checked the spark plugs and coil.

    • 2.2ignition coilAutomóviles

      bobina (de encendido) femenino

  • 3Britanico

    espiral femenino
    dispositivo intrauterino masculino
    • Mirena is the brand name of a new type of intra-uterine contraceptive device, or coil.
    • On the same day a woman with the same name was due to have her contraceptive coil removed.
    • It is best not to use the coil for contraception after PID has been diagnosed.
    • She had been protected from pregnancy through an intrauterine coil, which had been inserted under general anaesthetic but which was due to be replaced.
    • If pregnancy does occur while using a coil, there is a small risk of an ectopic pregnancy.
    • The contraceptive coil seems to increase the risk of BV.
    • The generally accepted medical practice in the use of the coil as a post-coital contraceptive device is that it may properly be introduced at any time up to the 20th day.
    • Some people object to the contraindications of the coil.
    • The packs will include two condoms, a coil, lip balm, hand warmers, information on safe sex and emergency phone numbers.
    • Many contraceptives, such as the coil or the morning after pill, are abortive tools.
    • I was angry because, using a coil, I had made every effort to prevent a pregnancy.
    • The scenario of men and women choosing from a pick 'n' mix of pills, patches, injections, condoms and coils, catering for various lifestyles and needs, is not just a fantasy.
    • If you have a contraceptive coil fitted, you must tell the radiographer as some have copper wire in them.
    • Like other coils, the Mirena coil is also a contraceptive.
    • Also, there is no significant delay in return to fertility after stopping the pill or having a coil removed.
    • The IUD is a small, plastic and copper device that used to be known as the coil.
    • It's the sort of consignment Jan takes with her whenever she visits Romania, along with contraceptive coils and coffee.
    • Difficulties associated with older generation coils, such as heavy and sometimes painful periods, promise to be overcome.
    • Intrauterine devices, also known as coils, are rigid contraceptive devices that are inserted into the uterus by a doctor.
    • It would also open the door to other claims against the mini-pill and intra-uterine devices such as the coil, which would make a similar mockery of the law outlined in the Abortion Act and of basic common sense.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (rope/wire/cable) enrollar
    her hair was coiled into a chignon llevaba el pelo en un chongo México
    • to coil sth/oneself around sth enrollar algo/enrollarse / enroscarse alrededor de algo
    • I cautioned calmly as I unstrung my bow, coiling the string.
    • The scientists stated that the method employed by the squid to snare its prey can be likened to a python striking a rat, with it using its tentacles to grab its lunch and then coiling them up into a ball.
    • Unclip remaining hair, and coil into a bigger bun at base of neck.
    • But what else can you expect from an industry that calls the guy who coils cables its ‘best boy.’
    • Absently coiling a blonde curl around her fingers she re-examined the office she was gradually growing familiar with.
    • The joints had to be as strong and flexible as the pipes themselves, and able to stand the stress of being coiled with the pipes onto large drums.
    • Girls would not be allowed to coil up their hair with hairpins unless they were married, if she did so her husband and parents-in-law would look down upon her because she hadn't followed the rules for women's behavior.
    • At breakfast a fat python likes to coil itself around the branches of one of the trees in the canopy just in front of the restaurant.
    • ‘Hold on,’ she muttered, holding the panicked boy close to her chest and coiling her limbs and head around him.
    • ‘No, I taught them a long time ago,’ Andrea replied, coiling the bullwhip that she still held.
    • The creature bellowed a seeming laugh at the pitiful maneuver, gnashing its wicked teeth and bullying its fiery body in such a way as to corner Galafar from getting away, coiling its body all around him.
    • Her curly blond hair was coiled at the back of her head, held by hot pink metal pins.
    • Two such methods include coiling the body around the eggs (pricklebacks and gunnels) and covering the eggs with algae (temperate sculpins and wrasses).
    • When Mr. Kanda brought a ‘reticulated python,’ the children vied with one another to coil the reptile around their necks.
    • ‘It isn't,’ agreed Tony neatly coiling a guitar lead.
    • Keep cords on appliances short by coiling them.
    • The way in which the cell packages this genetic material is by tightly coiling it up and bundling it around proteins to form a structure called the chromosome.
    • I started coiling the silver phone cord around the fingers of my right hand, and concentrated on doing that while I spoke.
    • As she coils her long, languid body around a chair, it's plain that the hype isn't misplaced - she has presence to spare.
    • It seemed satisfied, at least for the moment, so I coiled the hose, shut up the garage, and went back indoors.

verbo intransitivo

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    smoke coiled into the air el humo se alzaba en volutas / en espiral